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WordPress Updates… The Power Of Repetition

WordPress Updates… The Power Of Repetition

WordPress updates are occurring more than ever before.

Have you ever thought about how hackers are so effective in hacking websites?

It’s simple…

They repeatedly go after the same target, perfecting their strategies, and exposing holes in websites.

For the most part, hackers are some of the most patient people in the world.  They spend hours and hours; calculating how to break down the doors of websites and mess them all up.

It’s a real trip, and quite fascinating. Now, when you flip the script…

When it comes to protecting your website, it pays to repeatedly have your WordPress website, plugins, and themes updated.

Otherwise…. you’re asking for disaster.

Because the truth is–you could lose a ton of money if your site goes down, due to it being out of date.

I know someone who lost $200,000 in 2 days because her website was out of date.

$200,000 is a nice chunk of change. Can you even imagine how she must have been feeling?

I know you’re busy.

You may even freak out when you see update notifications on your WordPress website. I get it. I understand.

However, today is a great opportunity for you to remove that burden from your plate. Click Here and find out how.

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