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WordPress Techie Stuff Will Make You Cry

WordPress Techie Stuff Will Make You Cry

Emotions are real.

It is the way we humans are wired. When was the last time you faced a tech issue with your website, and you just wanted to cry?

One day, I was talking to a business owner; and on that day, she was having a bad day.

It seemed that nothing was going right for her. She was right smack in the middle of a website traffic rush; which meant, she was getting a lot of visitors to her site after her TV show appearance.

As I listened to her pour everything out, I learned so much about her business, and her as a human.

The problem that drove her to her emotional state, was caused by her not knowing how to get a contact form on her site, so that she could start collecting more leads.

She said…”I feel all alone, naked, in a forest.” You can imagine the frustration she must have been going through.

So let’s put it in ‘A’ perspective…

  • Number One – She is a busy mom with 2 teenage children. One boy, one Girl.
  • Number Two – She runs a full-time business. Her business is a brick and mortar.
  • Number Three – She also has her business online; she has no tech skills. She actually loathes the thought of doing anything technical.
  • Number Four – She just appeared in a 3-minute segment for a local news channel.
  • Number Five – She also did a 3-day live event a week before the TV appearance.

But I will stop right there. Because it’s clear that with all this going on, there is no way she knows how to get that form up.

And then the tears started flowing…,

she couldn’t take it anymore. So she had to cry it out. Anyway, she missed THAT opportunity.

But she won’t be missing opportunities like that, EVER AGAIN!

Because she has us as her superheroes to take care of all the website techie stuff for her.

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