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Your WordPress Mades Simple provides businesses who use WordPress to run their online business. Our store provides you with the most economical way to get the WordPress support you CRAVE at great competitive pricing. Browse the store and choose the service-product that suits your needs.

Wayne Hatter – Founder and CEO

I've worked with numerous web designers and none of the others have spent the time to listen to what I really wanted as the outcome of my site. Wayne listens, he teaches, and has been so efficient and patient with…

~ Necole Stephens

In my 7 years in business, I have not met many individuals as dedicated and determined to complete a job to its excellency as much as Wayne. Wayne will NOT stop until the job gets done. He is the terminator…

Konstantinos Kaloulis

Thank you, Wayne, I’m so glad I found you! Your skill with WordPress has meant that my site was rolled over to my new domain name without any problems, it was easy and smooth. And thank you also for fixing…

~ Jeanne Treloar

I found Wayne in a private Facebook group. And I’m so glad I did. Wayne has provided an amazing service and is an amazing expert with WordPress. I really like his attention to detail and service delivery. I also appreciate…

~ Sohail Khan

Wayne ROCKS! I’m looking forward to having him as my ‘go-to guy’ for us and all of our clients going forward. My website load speed got cut more than in half… means I’m a happy camper. And my backend dashboard…

Robin Pisciotta


Time Blocks help you organize, economically. That way you can budget accordingly.  If you are unsure of how many blocks of time you may need, then please Request A Quote with the details of your project(s) here.

How it works: 

Blocks of times you purchase are valid for 1 year upon purchase. You will be notified 1 month, 2 weeks in advanced when your block is due to expire.

  • The Minimum amount of blocks you can purchase at a time is: 3-hours
  • The Maximum about of blocks you can purchase at a time is: 40-hours


Purchase this product now and earn 23 Points!


$19.99 / month

Purchase this product now and earn 4 Points!

$129.00 / year

Purchase this product now and earn 32 Points!



Purchase this product now and earn 8 Points!

DIY Video Training

WPDIYTools is unlike any other membership site that teaches business owners how to use their WordPress website, Themes and Plugins. Typical membership sites record videos on a specific plugin, theme or WordPress as a whole.

But I have found that is not what business owners want…

Business owners that like doing things on their own, want to know how to do those things that take them hours and days to figure out. They become frustrated because they are spending time that can be put to better use in their business.

So, I created a membership site that totally solves this problem.

Here is what you get when you join WPDIYTools:

  • Access to all membership videos – I am a proud endorser ONE specific theme, which is the Total Theme by WPExplorer, and a variety of plugins. So the “all-access” videos are done using the Total Theme.
  • Request Videos – This is the good part.  WPDIYTools member, you can schedule 3  30-minute zoom session with me where we screen share while I record what I’m how to do something. A lot can be recorded in 30 minutes. So think about what’s priority so you get the biggest bang for the low fee I’m charging right now.In addition, all of your requested videos will only be viewable to you, unless otherwise given permission to share with the other members.

Note: The price you see below can increase at any time without notice. So it’s best that you get in on the low price… that way you are grandmothered at this price until you cancel.

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