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WordPress Maintenance Program

We Help Prevent Your Website From Becoming A Casualty

How important is WordPress Maintenance?

WordPress Maintenance is the single, most important investment you should consider for your business WordPress website.

If you stop reading this right now and think for a minute how devastating it would be for your business if you were sending paid traffic to your website for a product launch and you discover that your entire website has vanished.

Not a pretty thought, is it?

Or even worse, you enrolled hundred of people into your $5k online membership program and no one can log into your site and consume the content they just paid for.

As you probably imagined, you have lost thousands of dollars in paid ads, sending traffic to your website that seemed to vanish into thin air.

Not only that, you have lost the trust of your audience. And you already know how people talk about their experiences – bad or good.

Now you’re on the “Do not trust list”

But all of this bad fortune you”re having could have been avoided. Only if your website was being maintained properly with regular backups and updates.

But Hey, Don’t Get Down On Yourself! You’re Not Alone…

97% of business owners, just like you don’t update their Plugins, Themes, or  WordPress.

And These Are The Major Reasons Why…

Too Scared Something Will Break

We recently had a conversation with a client. We just wanted to know why she hadn’t updated her website in over 2 years. She told us that she was terrified and get’s nauseous just thinking about making any kind of updates to her site.

You see, she tried updating her website once before and the results were catastrophic (to say the least). Her entire website crashed. She was getting flooded with support tickets and wound up having to refund a lot of customers. This, in turn, drained her accounts. It was quite a sad story.

However, she was able to get a loan from her father in law and was able to save her business.

Too Busy and Not Enough Time

Running a business is not easy….

THe most valuable asset you own is time. Time is a unique tool that we all use in order to get stuff done. However, sometimes, the time that needs to be spent on important things like updating your plugins, themes, and WordPress. But the fact is, you just don’t have the time.

When business operations are done for the day, you’re usually wiped out and need to step back and take the time to unwind, spend time with family, walk the dogs.

All of this competes with the time you have to do what you have to do.

Too Mystified and Totally Clueless on "How To"

They barely know how to log in to the backend of their website. These business owners are totally clueless about their WordPress.

In fact, they really don’t what to know. They would rather hire someone to take care of all the techie stuff that makes them dizzy and their head spins at 40 miles per hour.

These are also the business owners who always lose their passwords for all their accounts and have to reset them every month.

Website maintenance has never crossed their minds. It is like speaking a foreign language to them or talking in some kind of slang.

Does Any Of Those Sound Like You?

If you experience any of these symptoms…

…then no worries. Because I have the perfect solution for you.

Imagine this!

Imagine never having to worry if your WordPress website is up to date. You wake up in the morning without the anxiety of not knowing if there are any

WordPress updates that need to be made. All you have to do is get on with your day and tend to your clients or focusing on the other important stuff in your life that matters the most.

Imagine having the peace of mind that your website is being backed up for you on a regular basis. So if anything was to go wrong. You have a backup ready and waiting to restore your website in a proper working order.

Never again will you risk the chance of losing sales, credibility and all of your hard work you put into building your business website. Your website will run like a well-oiled machine.

All of this is possible for you right NOW when you join the WordPress Maintenance Program. Or as I like to call it (WPMP).

This program is essential for your online business. I can’t imagine anyone being without it.

How Does The WordPress Maintenance Program Work?

The WordPress Maintenance Program is designed for the business owner who is:

  1. Too Busy
  2. Too Scared
  3. Too Bewildered

When it comes to updating their WordPress, WordPress Plugins, and WordPress Themes.

How it Works:

We have a system that we add to your website. With this software, we are sent notifications every time there is an update for your WordPress website, themes, and Plugins.

We update all of your plugins, themes, and WordPress if necessary, 3 times per week. We also created daily backups of your site. So if there is ever a problem with an upgrade we can restore your website quickly with little downtime (5 minutes maximum restore time)

What’s Covered In This Program

  • 3 updates per week.
  • Daily backups.
  • Weekly reports send to you by email of what has been updated.
  • Free restore of your website if an update has broken something on your site.

What’s Not Covered

  • Fixing errors if an update messed up your theme or affected some other functionality on your site. If something breaks on your website. We will restore your site to the previous working version. We will then contact you and let you know the problem. You will then be able to purchase blocks of time for us to fix the issue.

What’s Not Covered

  • Fixing errors if an update messed up your theme or affected some other functionality on your site. If something breaks on your website. We will restore your site to the previous working version. We will then contact you and let you know the problem. You will then be able to purchase blocks of time for us to fix the issue.
  • If you install a plugin on your own and it breaks your website. You will need to purchase some blocks of time to fix it for you or hire another web developer to fix it for you.
  • If you update your website yourself and something breaks. You will need to purchase some blocks of time for us to fix it for you or hire another developer to fix it for you

You Get The Best Service

Lowest Price. Choose Your Package.

$19.99 /
  • 3 updates per week
  • Daily backups
  • Weekly reports

Frequently Asked Questions


Depending on the program you choose, your website will be backed up either once a week or 5 times a week. See Plans and Pricing


We have a system in place that meets the requirements.


That’s a great question! Your backups are stored on your server. We will keep only 3 backups at a time on your server. That way you can conserve the space you may need for other projects. Like building a membership site.


This is a great and well thought out question. In fact, it has a 2 part answer.

a.) If we are updating your website and it breaks your website. We obviously will restore this at no cost to you.

b.) If it is something you or your team have installed or made any updates on your own. Then our standard fee will be charged for restoration.


We backup your WordPress WP-Content folder and your WordPress Database.


We have a program-package designed specifically for updating plugins, themes, and WordPress.


Depending on the program you sign up for, your website will be updated either 1 time per week or 3 times per week. See Plans and Pricing


Yes, we send out a monthly report on all that has been done.

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