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WordPress Frustrations…Walking On Mud

WordPress Frustrations…Walking On Mud

WordPress frustrations is like walking on mud.

Imagine standing on one side of a river; the river is about 500 feet wide from side to side.

However, that river is full of Mud. But the reason you’re there is to cross over to the other side; because there is a beach cooler full of money(about 1 million dollars)…

…so now, you have a decision to make.

One: Do you get in the mud and try making it to the other side?


Two: Say “forget it” and move on?

Honestly, most people wouldn’t take the chance to cross the mud. And I don’t blame them; I wouldn’t change it either. It isn’t that serious, you know?

Anyway, now imagine this: Someone has given you floating mud shoes (not sure if such a shoe exists).

But these shoes allow you to step on the mud-water and walk to the other side of the muddy river.

Although the example is extreme, It paints the picture that a lot of businesses can relate to.

And that’s the frustration, confusion, and time sucker that WordPress websites create. It can be that mud that is keeping you from the other side where your desired results sit, waiting for your taking.

So if you get stuck in the mud, or need to cross to the other side. Get in touch.

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