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Overhauling Your WordPress Website

Overhauling Your WordPress Website

Does your WordPress website need an overhaul?

Earlier this week, I was talking about website refinishing.

So today, I want to talk about overhauls; I’ll make it short, and get right to the point. But first I have to tell you a quick story.

We just added a new client to our family. And I tell ya…. this website is going to take a lot of work.

Simply because the WordPress theme they are using is 5 years old, and there isn’t any online support for the theme.

So, my team and I have to rely on our years of experience in building WordPress themes from scratch, in order to try solving the problem. Or, we present the facts to the client and hopefully, they’ll agree to an overhaul and move them into our recommended theme.

So unlike refinishing wood like Rachel does (because some wood just cannot be saved); some websites just cannot be saved, and need to consider getting it overhauled.

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