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Trigger 8 – Risk Reversal

Trigger 8 – Risk Reversal

Here's How to Quickly Fix Your Website So It Brings You Consistent Revenue…

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Ever been on a roller-coaster? The sheer size of the thing and the thrill of danger or facing that feeling of fear gets your stomach turning.

The thing just grabs your attention. It’s the biggest and most dangerous ride in the entire amusement park.

You take a seat and buckle up tight. Then you feel the pull as it gets started. Slowly, it starts to climb right up to the track. You hold tight because you know what’s going to come next.

And suddenly you hear people scream and that’s when you start to grind your teeth and try to act brave. However, you can’t hold back and start screaming as a 13-year-old who is sitting next to you is cool, calm and collected.

I’ve been there. It’s a ride I’ll never go on again. I was bribed into getting on it by my nieces who told me that it wasn’t that scary. They tried everything to get me on this ride. They said they’ll be good for the week but you know how it is.

It’s all empty promises but I fell for it.

o here I was, screaming as my nieces were laughing their heads off at me. The sheer speed jolted me backward and I was screaming for my dear life. The more I screamed, the more my nieces laughed at me.

Then it slowed down again and I relaxed.

The roller-coaster slowly climbed up to the top of the rails again and then they let it rip again.

People were raising their hands in the air. The teenagers were screaming but loving it. The parents were terrified and screaming for it to stop.

And so was I.

The sudden speed from the roller coaster jolted me back as it went up and down, and round and round… and round and round.

This time, the Roller Coaster increased speed and my emotions of fear increased.

My heart was pumping fast as I grabbed the handle and tightened my grip. It continued for a while – up and down…up and down. All the while, nothing came to my mind except this horrifying ride I was on.

Everything else in the world didn’t exist except the experience I was going through.

But then it slowed down and parked next to the gates.

That’s the impact your marketing message needs to have.

It can’t always be on the high but it does increase the buying mood. It does take the customers emotions up and down…up and down.

You have grabbed their attention from the beginning. You have implemented the other triggers but there are other factors at play which can prevent the customer to buy.

It is a question about risk.

  • What if it doesn’t work?
  • What if I get scammed again?
  • What will the spouse think of me for buying the product?
  • What will my friends think of me for buying or joining?
  • Will there be support or will I be left to learn without any help?
  • What if I subscribe and don’t find the course I want?
  • Is it going to be too techie for me?

People are influenced by relatives, friends, and spouses. Sometimes, the person who makes the decisions for buying isn’t the one you think.

But where do these emotions of fear come from?
The culprit comes from a part of our brain called the amygdala.

The amygdala is an almond-shaped structure in the brain. It gives us the ability to feel certain emotions and perceive them in other people. The feeling runs through our whole body.

If for example, you are prospecting or asking someone on a date then the amygdala warns of events and sometimes these events haven’t happened and may never happen.

It warns us of imminent dangers i.e. rejections, humiliation and being judged or laughed at. So the amygdala is the fear part of the brain and it governs our reactions that are crucial for our survival. It is a good thing but also it can get in the way of people succeeding in life.

Your brain will tune into the right frequency to get to the panel of switches it wants. It decides to choose the fast wave or the slow wave and filter out the rest. The rest is just noise for the brain.

This is possible because the other waves are being transmitted on a different frequency.

You cannot focus on two things at the same time consciously.

But what about when you’re driving a car?

That’s a great question.

Of course you are doing more than one thing at a time but there is a big difference.
When you’re driving a car then you are doing much of the work unconsciously. You’re not exerting the same effort you did when you first learned to drive a car.

The brain has already gone past the conscious part. It has already recorded the data and pattern for you to drive as though its second nature to you.

When the customer lands on your webpage, they are using the conscious sense (the eyes) but the most important decisions are made unconsciously. It is all about survival and this also means comfort, ease and getting to what the person wants in a fast manner.

So let’s imagine the product you’re selling can solve 3 problems:

You’d isolate these problems by choosing one of them.

  • Reduces wrinkles

It is easier for you to start sketching different headlines for this one problem. It doesn’t have to mention wrinkles. You can add the curiosity factor…

  • Removing spots
  • Removing blemishes
  • Protection from Skin Damage
  • Other Health and Beauty products

Other customers will relate and easily figure out that you will have solutions for other types of skin problems such as…

  • How to Conceal your Age?
  • Who Else Wants Smooth, Young, Looking Skin?
  • Remove Wrinkles – The Beauty Budget Rehab
  • Frustrated With Old Age Wrinklles?
  • The New Face Lift

You will attract these types of customers anyway even when you isolate the problem.

Lead with one problem and let this one problem piloting through the beginning and ending of your marketing message. It is easier to lead the customers to other solutions when you deliver what you promise

Always focus first on getting the customer through the front door by raising awareness about one problem and not a host of other problems.

Your goal is to get the customer through the front door instead of closing the sale

You need to first get their brain to investigate more about their problem, why it happens, what are the consequences if the customer doesn’t solve their problem.

You’re raising awareness first.

Instead of revealing ALL your offers and the diverse products and services – you remove the clutter and give your marketing message focus.

Imagine the customer lands on your webpage and they see more than one choice. Let’s say 10 different types of products. You’d have a hard time selling one of the products.

You’re prolonging the sales process.

It’s about removing the clutter:

  • Lead with one problem the customer faces.
  • One concept that pilots this one problem.
  • One landing page to educate about this one problem
  • Landing page has optin to learn more about solving this one problem
  • Email newsletter campaign to educate and lead to the solution.
  • One sales letter to handle all objections and sell the solution based product/service

And you do the same for each product/service.

Isolating the problem increases conversions.

You also give time to get known for one thing and create an amazing story to leverage for future products. Let’s face it – creating a marketing campaign for one product takes some doing.

It takes a lot of nutrition, energy and resources for the brain to filter out noise. Make it easier for the brain of the customer to know they are in the right place and you can help them…

The brain is already doing a lot of work. It is being bombarded with billions of data and signals that come from the senses i.e. sight, sound, touch and smell. You have to make it easy for the brain to immediately know where and what to look at.

It’s a Jungle inside the brain. Literally!

It’s like walking into a store.

Imagine it as a typical supermarket and your brain will react the same way it has done with our ancient ancestors who traveled across a dangerous long journey filled with predators on both sides of view.

For example, what would get the warning system inside the brain to set off a 100,000 year old internal warning system as you walk through the supermarket aisles?

It can be something as simple as a cap on a bottle, a wet floor sign on the floor, an approaching shopping cart and even a crowd of people with lack no space to walk around. It could be a stare from the eyes of another person an expression on someone’s face.

The warning system inside the brain will set off because of the sharp edges of the shelves. The brain is telling you – that it can be a potential threat. That you might trip and hurt yourself from the can of green beans on the floor. It tells you to take a few more steps around that can of green beans.

The way a sharp branch in a Jungle can be a threat to you.

You could be blinded, cut, bleed to death, right there, next to the butter and Yogurt shelf.

But what if your product solves more than one problem?

You would allocate space for each problem. You’d create a headline and subhead line, with copy for each one on that sales letter or article.

So instead of focusing on all the problems under one headline you need to:

  • Lead with the most urgent problem as a headline
  • Each headline followed by a sub headline
  • Then followed by a text copy.
  • Then repeat the process for other problems the product/service solves

What if you had more than one product?

You need to go through each trigger for each product/service. Each product needs to have its own marketing and sales process.

Each product needs to have its own marketing and sales process.

All products must have their own set up:

  • Marketing campaign
  • Squeeze page Optin
  • Confirmation page
  • Email newsletters
  • Thank you page
  • Sales Letter
  • Payment process

The website will have strategic calls of actions that attract customers through different entrance doors.  All these call of action banners or links will lead with a problem and all related.

More on this later within the Trigger called Marketing System

  • You only have a 1-3 second window to grab the attention of the customer’s brain
  • Command the brain to pay attention by isolating the problem.
  • Solve one problem first to get the customer through the front door
  • The brain has to use a lot of nutrition and energy. Help the brain. Give it focus.
  • If your product can solve more than one problem then give each problem (benefit) a headline and go into detail for each one. Break it down and give each problem its own space.
  • If you have more than one product then you need to implement the triggers I’m teaching for every product/service. It will be worth your while in the long run.

Here's How to Quickly Fix Your Website So It Brings You Consistent Revenue…

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