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Trigger 7 – Testimonials

Trigger 7 – Testimonials

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Some business owners contradict themselves when they claim that they don’t believe in the customer testimonials they see on sales letters and websites.

They miss the plot.

The first is – it’s not about what the business owner thinks. It’s not about them but the customer. The brain of the customer looks for a pattern and sequence within this pattern and it is not included in the marketing and sales process…you make it harder for yourself.

You actually lower the rate of having the customer believe in your offer. I mean, what are you going to do? Tell people you think your product is awesome? This always leads the mind to think – SO WHAT!

The second problem is the business owner has seen shabby and awful customer testimonials which is why they don’t believe in them.

Most of these testimonials are all praising the business owner and the products. There isn’t a single doubt or any true real life event that revealed the customer had concerns and doubts about the product.

The logic is non-existent and this doesn’t work well with the brain of customers. The brain is wired to look for some logic and you need to provide it with the testimonials. This is where reverse testimonials come in.

How do Reversed Testimonials work?

They reveal the doubts, the concerns of the customer. It brings the customer testimonials to life and keeps it real. It reveals the doubts the customer had.

Every customer will have concerns, doubts and some fears about buying from you.

Hiding these concerns will only raise more objections and will slow the sales process down. It may even play a role in having the customer to disbelieve what you are presenting about your offer. Instead of hiding the objections, you reveal them.

Here’s an example of the triggers you have learned so far and I’ve included the testimonial trigger.

Targeted Customer Profile: Dave McKenzie

Problem: How do I fix my WordPress website?

Solution: Here’s a cost effective way to fix your WordPress techie issues.


  • I’ve tried these services before and they didn’t fix the issues properly.
  • It might be too expensive to fix all the issues on my website.
  • Will I be paying hidden charges I don’t know about?
  • What if it takes too long and it still doesn’t get fixed?

Customer Testimonial

I thought fixing my WordPress website would take too long and there might be some hidden charges.

It was expensive to get my WordPress techie issues fixed but were it worth it? Well, in the past I tried the cheaper option but I found I always had to chase the company. I’d never get update emails and left hanging. I’d check my email every day, waiting to hear if my website hasn’t been fixed. It was just not personal enough for me and cost more and more money because the website wasn’t fixed yet and that meant sales were dropping. The cheaper option got me to pay more because they’d say there were other problems and that’s why it couldn’t be fixed.

And here’s what I found.

Your WordPress Mades Simple, on the other hand, was very professional. I paid more but there weren’t any hidden charges and I was able to create an account to check the progress. I was updated regularly of the work. I would also receive email updates. The service was friendly and down to earth. It took 48 hours to fix and the consultant even gave me some tips too. I will definitely recommend WordPress OMG Plus because they deliver what they say and they treated me with respect. Updated on the progress and not left me hanging.

See what I mean? It’s not sugar coated.

You reveal the objections in the beginning of the testimonial because you know the brain is scanning for threats. It’s looking for some logic and when you reveal the objections it increases the curiosity of the customer who is reading it.

It brings the walls of mistrust down and gets the customer to believe in what they are reading.

It increases the credibility of what you are offering – and educates the customer on what they will gain from using your product or service.

So tell the story of the customers who have used your products/services instead of doing the talking.

Reveal the concerns, the doubts, the feeling of uncertainty about how you can solve their problem. These are the words of the customers who have used your products/services.

Then you work your way down with the story to reveal what the customer found out when they did purchase.

You reveal what the customer found out when they used your products and services. So the testimonial is not some sugar-coated statement. It is you masterfully telling the story of the customer and their story handles the objections for you.

Are Customer Testimonials Fabricated Constructions?

Testimonials are not fabricated stories that you created from the top of your head. Just because you’re constructing the testimonials, doesn’t mean you create lies and mislead people. Construction is where you put the words of the customer in an orderly and appealing fashion and layout.

You ask the customers who purchased your products/services a series of specific questions. The answers will reveal a story-line and provide valuable information for your marketing.

I never handle objections personally. I let the stories of customers do the talking for me. I let their testimonials within the marketing and sales processes do the brunt work.

Every step of the strategy and website is planned out in great detail so I can focus on what matters most. Yes, it took longer to develop a real business and create customers to create testimonials. It took longer because of getting all the stories I needed.

But here’s what you need to know…

A business is not a one mile race. It is a marathon and one slip, just one missed component in your strategy and you go back to square one. You wouldn’t believe how many people I know who started with a get rich mindset and shabby website strategy – and shabby quality websites.

Oh sure, many marketers will tell you that the most awful websites make money but this is your name. This is your reputation and a reputation that your next generation can be proud of when they speak your name.

Out of hundreds of links of websites – many are now dead, gone bust and are not working. I made sure I wasn’t another statistic number and I hope you don’t become one either.

For customers who are still on the fence – they can read all they want and satisfy their thirst for more information. That’s alright by me but I won’t be wasting time convincing them personally face to face.

Why is it important to let your marketing do the brunt work?

Customers don’t care what we think about regarding our products and services. They care about what’s in it for them. It is far more effective to have other people do the talking about your products and services.

I learned this the hard way.

I made a mistake talking to friends and relatives. Even past co-workers I’ve known for years but they didn’t take my words seriously. Even my own relatives didn’t buy products from me but did from the shop across the street.

When money is involved then their brain thinks like this.

“You’re taking advantage of your family. You’re not really here to help but make money off us.”

The amount of time I saw that thinking in their eyes and actions was just crazy and sure, I was mad but later on, I learned why that happened. It’s the way the brain works but also…the values the people live by.

So instead of wasting time in changing people’s values – I attract customers through my marketing and those who don’t get it – won’t get it.

Those who do get it is who the marketing is targeted and aimed at.

People will do all sorts of crazy stuff due to survival.

If you act desperate and do what 97% do today then you’ll get people walking all over you. No one is worth your time if they are not willing to behave accordingly and show serious interest in what you have to offer.

This may sound harsh but let me explain…

Imagine, a guy in a night club and he tries to pick up a date…

If he’s the desperate kind then he will have developed a complex, ridiculous set of reasons why something he wants to do should not be acted upon.

He will think like most Beta men that it’s “disrespectful” to approach women at night clubs and strike up conversations.

Well, my mentor gets all the ladies not because he thinks he’s great looking. Nor does he think that he is the smartest guy on planet earth.

It’s because he DOES approach the women and does so confidently. He doesn’t fear loss or the woman might not be interested. In fact, when you meet him you’d think he’s cold as ice when everyone around is acting all emotional and worried what people might think.

He doesn’t try to convince women or buy them a drink first. Instead he gets her to first behave the way he wants and if she doesn’t – he doesn’t wait around. He doesn’t put women on a pedestal and that goes for customers when he’s running his business.

That’s what the 97% do who fail in business.

They put prospects on a pedestal and that is why the 97% get treated like a doormat and get walked all over by the prospects. They are desperate, lack self worth and always trying to convince the customer by handling objections personally.

The desperate kind will do everything to convince the woman.

They’d flatter her, desperately trying to get on her best side and fear the rejection.

They’ll buy her flowers on the first date. Take her to the best restaurant and try to impress her with all kinds of stuff when she hasn’t shown any commitment and interest.

These are nice guys. The desperate ones and believe me, the nice guys are not so innocent. They can be real psycho’s and make women’s lives hell with their desperate ways.

Nice guys put the woman on a pedestal and when you put anyone on a pedestal then you’re going to get walked over. You’re telling the person you lack self worth, your desperate and have nothing valuable to offer the woman.

Let your marketing do the talking for you and it must answer the questions that is within the subconscious mind of the customer.

The top four questions the customers want you to answer are:

  1. Can I trust you?
  2. Will it work for me?
  3. Is it easy to use or do?
  4. What will other people think of me when I buy from you

Are you still uncertain that what other people say influences customers decisions?
Customers are influenced by what other people say about them and if you keep repeating different stories that reveal how the product and service do work using email newsletters, videos and other content on your website then the brain of the customer will think, ‘it must be true.’

It’s effective when you have other people’s words and not your own.

Familiarity breeds belief
There is a memory deficit that comes with aging. It is the tendency to consider familiarity as to be true. You see people often on TV and hear the voice of people on the Radio. They play the story in movies with people and with the same people, over and over again.

Why is it effective to use people’s faces, people on video, on sales copy and their words and story?

Because we seek community and interaction. We need to recognize other members of our species. In a busy and hectic world, we need the familiar. The world is busy with retail adverts, internet advertising and everything else bombarding the customer’s subconscious.

Demands are consistently being made on the customers subconscious. So the familiar and reassuring images of human beings helps to anchor the customer.

If you really want to use testimonials effectively then use images of faces and existing stories of your customers. Then repeat them throughout your marketing material because this demonstrates your leadership at a higher level.

It also helps people to remember your brand.

  • There is a process in delivering compelling information.
  • Raise awareness first and qualify the customer.
  • Testimonials work but it must work to bring down the walls of mistrust.
  • Add a flavor of logic by revealing the doubts the customer had first.
  • There are 6 questions to ask customers who used your product. Read the Action Plan.
  • Use customers face because the brain loves familiarity.
  • Make the environment, the design, copy and navigation user – friendly.
  • Use stories because the brain loves stories. It uses them to survive.

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