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Trigger 6 – Handle Objections

Trigger 6 – Handle Objections

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As you’ve discovered so far about the brain – it’s a pattern recognition mechanism that loves structure and its top priority is to detect danger. It alerts for danger twice to four times a day due to the way we live in the modern world.

Actually, the way the environment is changing – we are always facing threats so it could be even more.

Especially, when the media is bombarding with threats about economic crashes, banks doing fraudulent activities and getting away with it and…on and on.

Then there’s the TV news about murder, rape, abuse and ongoing headlines in newspapers of chemical weapons to maybe future wars. We are bombarded with words and images about the threat to our livelihood, financial stability, and freedom.

Before we have reached adulthood, we have heard the word NO more than a YES.

We have heard what we can’t do by parents, the education system, the police, the government, friends and associates. We have faced bullies, many a times have had our hearts broken by promises that could not be kept by people we trusted and a host of other painful experiences

All of these are stored in our long-term memories. Some memories haunt you in the night when you sleep. Some memories you wish you can forget and some have alerted you to what it feels like to have someone betray you, hurt you, lie to you, cheat you, scam you and also let you down.

These memories are stored in your long-term memory.

This is also the case with customers. Their decisions are influenced by their own experiences of the past and the environment they live in – and this includes radio, newspapers, TV News, Gossip Magazines, other magazines and other people’s experiences.

The simplest decision that will benefit the health of a customer will be faced with negative thoughts. There is a fight happening in the brain and all these memories start resurfacing especially if you look and sound like someone who let the customer down.

The objections start to kick in even when it’s about joining a gym to get in shape and look fit. Objections that really come from the lack of self worth and fear.

  • I haven’t got time
  • What will the hot, fit girls and guys at gym think?
  • I haven’t got the money
  • The gym is too far.
  • It’s raining. I’ll do it tomorrow (and tomorrow never comes)
  • I haven’t got money for the right food and supplement

So the brain that helps the customer survive can also prevent the customer to change their lives too. It can create fears that haven’t happened. It (the brain) can be wrong and it won’t correct this error because if the brain ever worked that way…. there would be a pile up in the brain-motorway.

The brain doesn’t know the difference between the truth and a lie. And even if it created something false and a perception that was influenced by the environment of what someone said or from past experiences – it won’t suddenly correct this belief.

If it worked that way – there would be a pile up in the streets and motorways. People would be stumbling all over the place and would be like robots that had a circuit loose. So it keeps going and people keep self-sabotaging themselves.

Have you ever invited friends for a night out to a presentation?
They all eagerly said yes and agreed to show up to the venue. All 20 of your friends promised you. These are people you have known for years. Let’s even throw in your relatives too. People you have known since you were born.

You now have 30 people that said yes and would show up to your awesome marketing presentation about how they can make money by joining your business opportunity or a presentation about your products.

But out of 30 people, you find only 2 turns up and none is your relatives. The rest of the 28 people have sent text messages to say they changed their mind because.

  • A relative came to visit out of the blue.
  • They double booked.
  • The car doesn’t work
  • They forgot it was their partners birthday

But the truth is, it started to rain and they rationalized their decision of not going with all sorts of reasons.

What they are saying is…

There was an obstacle and you didn’t help to remove it for me.

What do the objections mean to you as a business owner?
You didn’t answer the real questions that are in the mind of the customer. It is really silly to hide the objections because it only allows the customer to procrastinate and delay the sales process.

The brain will create unfounded perceptions of you and this will get the customer to forego the purchase of your products/services.

Of course, most of us dream of having any objections disappear.
But no matter how much wishing and fantasizing you do – they will never go away. It’s important to recognize the objections for what they really are.

The customer isn’t saying NO. The customer is saying their questions, worries, concerns haven’t been answered. They are saying, they want to build but you haven’t removed the obstacles that prevent them to investigate further and to purchase.

We all have objections for everything we do.

We will talk ourselves out of what we really want to do. We will create fear when there’s nothing to really worry about. We will use our negative past experiences and anything else and raise objections. We will even believe someone else.

So why bother hiding the objections when we know customers will have them?
Disarm them. You can bring them up in the beginning of your sales copy after the headline and sub headlines. This will bring the walls of mistrust the customer may have from the very beginning and instill a more trusting feeling towards you.

While most business owners hide the objections – you can add some twist by adding a taste of logic to the mix of your sales letter and website to increase the curiosity factor and urgency.

But how do you disarm and defuse the objections?
If it’s face to face presentation, you want to bring up the objections immediately and this will disarm the prospect. I would even ask the customer to give you all the objections and say that you’d love to hear them. While many sales reps pray the customer doesn’t start giving objections – you pray the customer does because this shows they are interested.

It also shows you are willing to listen and third…you are doing some homework. If you’re beginning in marketing and sales – you can use this as an experience to gather objections to create compelling future presentations that gets the customer sitting at the edge of their seats.

However, this is about your WordPress business website so you will need to:

  • Search through where similar products like yours are selling.
  • Look through Amazon’s customer comments and write down any objections.
  • Search and find established forums your targeted customers hang around at.
  • Look at hot topics and questions. Write down any objections customers have written.
  • Now, write down a list of objections you think the customer will have.
  • Put them all together and you have a full list of customer objections.

In the next trigger, you will learn how to handle the objections. For now, start filling out the objection part within your Targeted Customer Profile before we move to the next step.

  • The environment of the modern world is filled with threat.s
  • Customers are bombarded with news of dangers, economic crashes and war.
  • Competition and rivalry the mentality is always running high within society.
  • The customer’s brain has heard more of NO than YES.
  • The brain uses these influences to create doubts and fears
  • Therefore, it is natural that customers will have some objections within the buying process.
  • Hiding the objections will slow down your sales process.
  • Defuse the objections by revealing them within your marketing sales process
  • Create a list of objections you think the customer will raise in their mind

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