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Trigger 4 – Targeted Customer Profile

Trigger 4 – Targeted Customer Profile

Here's How to Quickly Fix Your Website So It Brings You Consistent Revenue…

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Imagine, you’re celebrating your anniversary. You’re going to give a surprise gift to your spouse. You go out, buy a nice card, flowers and even book a night at a plush restaurant to make your spouse feel she/he is important.

The night comes and you’re sitting with your spouse.

The waiter comes in with a large cake and following them are a group of musicians playing a song. A song that was playing when you first met each other at a Cafe.

The cake lands on the table and you smile and say…

Happy Anniversary baby, I love you!

Your partner is confused. You don’t understand what’s wrong until you hear the following..

How could you? How could you not remember our anniversary? It was a year ago! I just didn’t want to say anything because I was so upset.

You got the wrong day, month and year.

Ok, I’m exaggerating the situation. I know I got this wrong once but my wife didn’t go all crazy. She knows my values and also knows I’m not that great with birthdays and anniversaries. I don’t wait for these to come by to make her feel special.

So these situations make her giggle at my “flaws”.

However, this is business and the customer can be unforgiving at the best of times.

Imagine you got everything wrong about the targeted customer you want to attract. They wouldn’t say anything. The customer won’t bother visiting your website again.

The customer can easily hit the back button and buy from somewhere else.

But if you can figure out who the ideal targeted customer is, what their needs are, what will prevent them to buy and what they value the most – you can create a marketing and sales process that fits their profile.

Ok, you got a question…

Wouldn’t I upset people and lose money by leaving some people out?

Think of it this way – there are customers who are already looking for what you have to offer but they will never know you exist or be able to easily find you if….you’re aiming at everyone.

There is so much noise and distraction within the modern world we live in.

By focusing on a targeted niche market you make it easier for yourself to focus your time, energy, money for advertising, knowledge, skills on the ideal targeted customer. It makes it less difficult, faster and easier for you to now put together real…hard facts data about the ideal targeted customer.

It makes it easier for you to create a crystal clear and compelling marketing message to speak directly to the ideal targeted customer. It also makes it easier for the audience who see your advert to know what you stand for, what you provide and they may know someone who needs what you offer – and can easily say so to people they know.

Some of the audience will be compelled to try you out and become a customer.

All because you took the brave step and marketing and sales sense to identify who the ideal targeted customers is – and create a crystal clear marketing message that speaks directly to the ideal customer.

The consequences if you aim at everyone will be:

  • Wasting time, energy in focusing on everyone.
  • Waste money in advertising because you don’t know who the ideal targeted customer is.
  • The strategy and the marketing message won’t have clarity and focus.
  • Having a wide and unfocused audience makes it impossible to tailor a strategy to specific types

There is also another consequence

The brain will reject what will take too long to resolve the clutter. If the message is distracting and doesn’t apply to the customer.

The problem arises when you don’t know who you really are.
You need to decide on the type of customers you want and what you don’t want – and to be specific in who is the ideal customer. It doesn’t mean that you won’t attract customers you’re not targeting but it will lessen the impact of your marketing message which results in slowing your business down.

It will affect your bottom line.

So this isn’t about me saying that aiming at everyone won’t get you to sell products and services. Yes you can but the impact is not going to be as effective and appealing as focusing on a targeted ideal customer.

So how do you go about finding your target market?

  • Download The Action Plan for Targeted Customer Profile.
  • You will see an example of one filled out. Print these out and just fill it in.
  • At the moment you’re guessing. But we’ll make all these as concrete facts soon enough.
  • Aiming and marketing at everyone lessens the impact of your marketing message.
  • Aiming at everyone makes it difficult to be specific in your marketing message.
  • You’ll waste time, energy, money and resources by aiming at an unfocused audience.
  • Developing a targeted customer profile helps you to create a focused crystal clear message.
  • It enables you to use your money, time, resources for greater impact.

Here's How to Quickly Fix Your Website So It Brings You Consistent Revenue…

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