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Trigger 3 – Reveal The Solution

Trigger 3 – Reveal The Solution

Here's How to Quickly Fix Your Website So It Brings You Consistent Revenue…

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Grabbing the attention of the customer’s brain is only the beginning. You have to also keep the brain’s attention. When you have revealed the problem to the brain of the customer then it wants to investigate. It goes cuckoo. It wants to know what the solution is.

The brain wants relief and that’s when you reveal the solution.

The solution keeps the customers attention for a little longer. You have successfully got the brain into a curiosity mode and it’s hungry to relieve it’s anxiety.

Now, this doesn’t mean the solution is more important than the revealing of the problem. Nor does it mean that other components within your marketing message is less important.

But it simple means this…

If you stated the benefits, the features and the solution the product provides as the first step on your webpage then it won’t be enough to make the customer curious to investigate.

It wouldn’t be enough for the customer to read more and learn more. That’s what you want. You want the customer to keep reading to the next line and the next. You want the customer to get the big picture.

Leading with a problem is not negative.

Some people don’t know they have a problem. Some people are in denial. You are only highlighting a problem and those who haven’t got the problem your products solve…won’t take much interest and buy.

Those who realize that their pain is due to this problem, it will grab their brain’s attention. It will get the brain to start scanning frantically for the next step.

The solution is the remedy and answer of what’s coming next.

Yes, I know you’ve learn from some business degree course or a network meeting on how you need to state the benefits and solution first.

Well, how is that working for you?

It’s not as effective and you now know why. It doesn’t make you stand out from the other 500 companies who are shouting the same thing.

It becomes noise.

Imagine for a moment, you paid money to have a large table at a National conference. You are selling a product and it’s a health drink.

There are 400 tables with their own products. They too are selling health drinks. All of them have lead with this following marketing message…

The Best Health Drink.

The #1 Health Drink in the Country

But you’re smarter and have wised up on how the brain works. Your marketing message grabs people’s attention:

Drop Two Dress Sizes In 2 Weeks Without Starving Yourself

Yeah, now you got it.

It’s like the sales reps who talk about the process of their drink and how it all works…

The health drink is made with a mix of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and metabolism enhancers to ensure the blah…blah…blah.

The customer doesn’t care about the process and how the drinks were made. The rest of the information regarding the process and ingredient can be learned later on. The customer is looking for what’s in it for them. That’s all the customer cares about. With this thought, here’s a few example of what I mean:

Headlines From a Weight Loss Magazine

  • How She Lost 20 LBs In 4 Weeks
  • Flat Stomach In Days
  • How She Lost 50 LBs (and kept it off)
  • Lose Weight With Bare Minimum Workout

Headlines From a Health and Beauty Magazines

  • How To Fix Hair Frizzle
  • How To Talk So He’ll Listen
  • 10 Easy Flat Belly Foods For Stubborn Abs
  • 8 Fashion Trends To Get You Noticed

Headlines From Cash flow Money Magazines

  • How To End Tuition Madness
  • 10 Gold Investing Secrets Banks Don’t Want You To Know
  • Where To Find Business Scholarships
  • 5 Smart Investment Moves In Scary Times
  • How To Attract Leads And Close Them Without The Phone
  • How To Increase Profits By 15% in an Economic Crisis

Let’s recap.

Trigger 1 – You identified a list of problems your product or service solves.
Trigger 2 – You’ve isolated the problem.
Trigger 3 – And now – you’ve added the solution.

When we connect the dots with these three triggers we have this result.

Problem: Easier Diet To Lose Weight.

Solution: Drop Two Dress Sizes In 2 Weeks Without Starving Yourself

Message: Sick and tired of diet programs that don’t work? Want an easier way to lose weight? Find out how to cut 100 Calories without starving yourself. Drop two dress sizes in 2 weeks with our Health Drink

When you isolate the problem and add the solution, then it makes it so easy for you to create a crystal clear and compelling message. You’ve removed the clutter and suddenly the customer is curious to want to know more.

However, it’s just the beginning.

You’ve grabbed the customer’s attention. You have kept their attention but there are still some barriers you need to remove and take care of.

We are going to have some fun with Trigger 4 – Targeted Customer Profile. You’ll learn why we create one, understanding it’s mechanics in the simplest forms and…how to create one.

  • We are genetically coded to see problems first and then do whatever it takes to find the solution.
  • When you mention the problem, the brain will investigate further. It wants a remedy.
  • The solution is the remedy. Include the problem and solution in the headline.
  • People will do whatever it takes to find a cure so they can avoid pain.
  • If you don’t reveal a remedy (solution) the brain will think your content is unworthy and influence the customer to leave your website. It won’t bother investigating further

Here's How to Quickly Fix Your Website So It Brings You Consistent Revenue…

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