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Trigger 1: The Problem

Trigger 1: The Problem

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People are busy. There’s a lot more distractions today than there was in the 1950’s.

Today, customers have the TV, Satellite dish, the mobile phones, the internet and the curiosity of Social Media and sharing sites. Even grandma and grandpa uses Facebook, Skype and text their grand-kids with their mobile phone.

In addition, the customers have a busy family life as everything around them is trying to grab their attention.

However, they have access to sophisticated tools to dodge the army of sales reps, cold calls, spam emails and spammy comments. As well as anything that interrupts their life (without) their consent.

But these are not the reasons why 97% of home business websites don’t generate sales as you have discovered when reading – Understanding The Buy Buttons Inside The Customers Brain.

So let’s get cracking and take a detailed look at the pattern that influences the brain of the customer to respond.

As you can see on your right the pattern has a step by step sequence. Just using them are not enough because you need to understand why each step works.

Here’s what you need to avoid doing:

Miss anyone of these steps. Each time you miss any of these steps and don’t give each one the justice it deserves – it will make it difficult to compel the customer to respond.

The first trigger is – Problems.

The Brain Is A Hunter

If you look at TV News and commercials, then the first stories in newspapers, covers of magazines, movies and even novel stories – are leading with problems.

They never lead with positive good news in the beginning and nor do tabloid newspapers or covers of magazines.

Take just a few minutes to switch on the TV and watch commercials and you’ll see they paint a lifestyle story that leads with problems. Only at the end do they throw in a positive happy story.

The experts behind the TV News are social psychologists and they know something that 97% of business owners have neglected to learn.

It is a pattern and this pattern is the emotional language of the brain.

It is why the Trilogies of Harry potter books and movies are a success. It’s why Lord of the Rings Trilogy was a success. And why the last Die Hard Movie flopped.

Here’s a list of other movies that lead with a character who has a problem. Notice how the description starts with the problem.

Movie: CyberBullying

Problem: Is of a teenager who is bullied on her social media profile. This same pain is revealed from the beginning and right to the end. Will she win against these bullies? Can they be stopped?

Movie: Sherlock Holmes

Problem: Can holmes catch the Serial Killer before he murder’s someone else? Is Sherlock that clever? Or has Sherlock met his match!

Movie: Lord Of The Rings – The Fellowship Of The Ring

Problem: A meek hobbit of The Shire and eight companions set out on a journey to Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring and the dark lord Sauron. Will the hobbits be able to destroy the ring? Is it too big or a task for these small hobbits or is everyone underestimating them?

Movie: Man Of Steel – Superman

Problem: A young itinerant worker is forced to confront his secret extraterrestrial heritage when Earth is invaded by members of his race. Can he live up to his destiny? Will planet earth accept him for who he is? Can he defeat the invaders?

The brain is one of the most sophisticated hunting machines the world has ever seen.

Hundreds and thousands of years and countless of trillions upon trillions of evolutionary advances have honed the organs inside your skull to become an ideal hunting devise.

From the Jaws with teeth to the eyes that detect the slightest of motion.

The Brain Is A Pattern Recognition Machine

The structure of the brain and its functions enabled early humans to learn the patterns of the world around them. The brain has helped early humans to survive because the pattern enabled our ancestors to distinguish what to eat and what to avoid eating.

They learned to see what is dangerous to their survival because of early deaths and studying animals that had eaten poisons elements in the wilderness. The brain structure enabled human beings to identify the best food and fruit to eat, and what to avoid – and single out the most desirable preys, shapes and weapons that would help them gain new sources of food – for survival.

Even in the modern world, your brain is helping you to survive. As you walk through a grocery shop – your brain is scanning hunting for dangers. You are unaware how the brain is unconsciously and automatically saving you from threats or what might hurt you.

From stepping aside from all those oncoming trollies and baskets to security guards that look sinister. From carefully picking up a tin can from the shelf and avoiding freshly mopped floor. The brain is helping you to survive.

But what is the brain really looking for?

It looks for familiarity. It looks for what it knows best. Your prefrontal cortex (PFC) within the brain ensures that you devote a conscious resource for cognitive puzzle solving and price comparison.

Consciously you are choosing between Whole Wheat Bread or White bread. But all the while your brain is unconsciously hunting for some bread to eat – familiarity.

Why Customers Crave Familiarity?

We seek the familiar because it’s reassuring and pleasing. We seek a connection that we have had before. But why? Why is this so important to all of us?

We seek the familiar because we know the rewards that are connected with it.

What are the rewards connected to it?

Familiarity has many rewards. The satisfaction that you’re in an unknown location or sitting with someone you know. The pattern recognition system in your brain knows which face is a friends face, a relative or a complete stranger.

The rewards are..

  • Feeling comfortable.
  • Safety
  • Certainty
  • Structure

What happens if our need for familiarity is not met?

We see it far too often in relationships. Two couples like each other but after living with each other for a while; a growing attitude from one of the spouses or both starts to emerge.

It is an attitude of scorn and contempt.

That’s because of survival. It’s because the need of this partner has not been met.

It is the same result that happened in May 29, 1913 in Paris.

Igor Stravinsky debuted one of his greatest works. It was work he has perfected but it went against the structure of what the audience had ever seen. It crossed into the unconventional instead of the realm of familiarity.

The moment it started, people booed and a riot broke out.

Police had to be brought in to calm the crowd. Then in the second interval….the crowd started again with a riot. So much so, Igor had to flee and leave.

But Marketers Said The Brain Loves “Novelty”

The brain loves a novelty (new interesting stuff) but even then, you have to really understand the needs of the customers you are providing a service to.

It has to be in context and it needs to have structure.

The questions to really ask are:

  • Does your customer want to be entertained or solve a techie problem?
  • Will your area of expertise lose it’s credibility by introducing humor?
  • What is more important to the customer you are targeting?

The familiarity can be a story that has a character, which reveals their problems and has an environment background that relates to the customer.

It’s all about solving a problem and provides a simple predictable solution that the customer is looking for.

Maybe the customer doesn’t want a 3 minute video that is complex but a simple video that gives them what they want. Maybe they want a taste of comedy, humor instead of seriousness.

You won’t get a riot if the customer doesn’t get what they want. Instead you won’t generate the sales you desired. Your email list won’t respond. Your content won’t connect. You’ll lose sales.

The Brain In The Modern World

When you are rushing to pick the kids up from school, the brain is on high alert to detect dangers. You’re aggressive in your driving and to get to where you need to be.

You stare at the time on the car dashboard and your heart pumps up as your anxiety grows. You accelerate your car faster, turn corners, dodge people and your heart is racing faster and faster.

Your anxiety grows even more as the traffic light switches to red.

All you’re thinking about is if you’re gonna be late to pick up the kids. The clock is ticking and the light turns to green. You put the pedal to the metal but then have to step on the breaks because another car just cut in front of you.

You pound the horn and start shouting – knowing the other driver can’t even hear.

But your brain senses a life-and-death condition. It has already prepared you for impending danger and maybe an attack. It does this twice a day and sometimes more.

You arrive at the school in the nick of time and the other parents are staring at you with a look of shame.

You start worrying about what the other parents might think because you weren’t there 15 minutes early like they were. Maybe they think you’re not a good parent.

The brain warns you. You might be ostracized, not accepted and disliked by the other parents. You might be seen as a bad parent. It warns you of the consequences.

Your children finally run out of the school door and you greet them.

You don’t look at the other parents but rush the children into the car.

You arrive home and get the food ready, rush to save your child from falling off the table and rush again when you hear your daughter crying and then hear you son crying too.

Throughout he day and up till the evening – your brain has been warning you and you have been jumping left, right, and center to do all you can to protect yourself and your children from any harm. Even if the harm was eating the food too fast or saying no to your children when they wanted to watch one more hour of TV.

They are tucked in bed and you are exhausted.

You go to bed and you dream of symbolic threats and attacks as your brain struggles to make sense of the experiences you’ve had through the day.

Imagine if this was a customer…

For the customer – the world is different to what it was in our ancient predecessor’s era.

The customer in the modern world has a lot going on in their life. They have a lot on their plate. The ability for the customer to maintain a daily close contact with their network of friends and family is difficult.

Even couples are both working and only see each other late in the evening. It’s easy to be disconnected with the world. The need to connect with the world and to belong is strong. That need to feel safe and be part of something is just as strong.

The customer has a lot going on.

So what does this have to do with leading with the problem?

The more you can use your products, website, social media tools to help the customer to survive in the world and to be able to network with friends, families, and people of similar values – the more they will feel drawn to your brand.

This is where you are now understand how to use Twitter and Facebook and other social networks at a deeper level than sharing a link of how you got awesome product and services. You need to think of the experience customers will have with your brand.

It is about being the leader who can help the customer to not only survive but win in their social life. It is making it easier for the customer. It is empowering and helping the customer.

You are not just creating a business.

You are not just creating a product.

You are creating a culture for customers to survive and win!


The brain is wired to draw its immediate attention to what will help it’s owner to survive. If our brain had a fact sheet and it was a teacher, it would reveal the following needs to survive.

  • Influence – Social approval, being part of the “in” crowd, being popular. Famous.
  • Success – To be the best, superior, winning, keeping up with the Jones’
  • Relationship – Sex, lust, attracting women, attracting men, companionship
  • Threat – Avoiding danger, pain and social ridicule

Now, does any of these pitches below have anything to do with survival…

  • My products are the best
  • We are better than the other companies.
  • Our products are organic.
  • Our products are scientifically tested.
  • Our compensation plan is awesome.

People are not going to stay up worrying at night about these points because the brain is going to think


4 Reasons Why You Lead With Problems Instead Of Features

We are attracted to what will help us win within the world we live in. If there was a fact sheet to give to business owners it would go like this:

  • Fact 1 – People care about themselves not companies.
  • Fact 2 – People care about what they want not what company wants.
  • Fact 3 – People care about what’s in it for them NOT what’s in it for the company.
  • Fact 4 – People are emotional creatures. They buy with emotions to rationalize it later with logic.

What’s the use in promoting how awesome your company is and or how your product is the best than the competitors? Especially when you know the brain is going to think:


Something that PLUSNET needs to stop doing. Their company spends millions on TV advertising by telling everyone they are better than other companies AND NAMING these companies too.

We want to avoid pain, ridicule and being pointed at. We want to win; feel appreciated, respected, loved and gain pleasures. We want happiness.

Thanks to our brain; we as a species have survived this long. This sophisticated hunting and scanning device has helped us to survive while other creatures have long disappeared and are also becoming extinct an endangered.

The brain warns you. You might be ostracized, not accepted and disliked by the other parents. You might be seen as a bad parent. It warns you of the consequences.

It’s a Jungle inside the brain. Literally!

It’s like walking into a store.

Imagine it as a typical supermarket and your brain will react the same way it has done with our ancient ancestors who traveled across a dangerous long journey filled with predators on both sides of view.

For example, what would get the warning system inside the brain to set off a 100,000 year old internal warning system as you walk through the supermarket aisles?

It can be something as simple as a cap on a bottle, a wet floor sign on the floor, an approaching shopping cart and even a crowd of people with lack no space to walk around. It could be a stare from the eyes of another person an expression on someone’s face.

The warning system inside the brain will set off because of the sharp edges of the shelves. The brain is telling you – that it can be a potential threat. That you might trip and hurt yourself from the can of green beans on the floor. It tells you to take a few more steps around that can of green beans.

The way a sharp branch in a Jungle can be a threat to you.

You could be blinded, cut, bleed to death, right there, next to the butter and Yogurt shelf.

Have you got your will written? How will mum react? Who will look after the family? How will the bills be paid if you’re gone? How will your spouse or relatives know? You’ll look stupid if you hurt yourself on that can of green beans. The people will laugh at you for being a loser.

Times have changed from thousands of years ago.

The brain sees the world full of dangers that are in our faces every day.

From cold callers, sales reps scouting the streets with clipboards, authority uniforms of police officers, sirens going off and too much information bombarding our minds. The customers attention span is very low these days and if you don’t know what grabs their attention then you’re in for a hard climb.

All these threats triggers the warning system in the brain.

The brain can even decide how too much of a good thing can be a threat. Or how too much information is overwhelming for the owner of the brain – resulting in filter or blocking your marketing message out.

So Do You Need To Change In Your Marketing Approach?

The brain of the customer will register the dangers and respond accordingly. It will alert the body to the unconscious perceived threats and will direct the customer to avoid them in seconds.

Then we got the environmental factors which the customer brought up in in their lives.

Imagine two bouncers of a nightclub. The bouncers symbolize the filter system of the brain. Its job is to decide what information to let in and what information to disregard.

The bouncers (brain filter system) will only let you in if you fit the bill. If you are what the brain needs to survive then it will let you in. If your marketing message is dressed to the pattern or code the brain sees as invaluable to its survival then you’ll be prevented to step into the night club.

But if the brain gets curious, sees you have something it may need then it will investigate. This results in the bouncers of the brain (the filter system) letting your marketing message in to learn more.

For example, here’s what 97% would use as a headline.

  • Join Now. 100% Commission
  • The Best Marketing System
  • The Cheapest Perfumes
  • Organically Tested Skin Cream

Now, these do work on some people but here’s what you need to be aware of:

If you want to build a sustainable business then the type of customers and partners you attract with these type of headlines is not worth the hassle you will go through.

You’ll attract prospects who will buy but move to something else and don’t care about being part of something bigger. They may not even use the product which means, you can kiss your personal branding story goodbye and testimonials you need for online authority.

You won’t build any credibility and authority online.

People do look for testimonials, a buzz and a constant flow of growth in your business story. However, you can even achieve this with the type of prospects that you attract with the above headlines.

You’ll attract the get rich mentality and the headache type of customers. You’ll attract opportunity junkies whose values are so low that they don’t care about learning. You’ll receive higher refunds.

Most of all – you will have to start over and over again. That’s not a business. That’s a job. So if you want to please everyone, make quick money; Then get a job!

You might have already gone this route and you’re nodding your head. You appreciate what I’m saying. That means, you have now got experience and wisdom.

Here’s what your headlines need to change to.

  • How To Sell More Products
  • How To Overcome Objections
  • How To Recruit Leaders
  • How To Remove Acne
  • How To Build Websites In 5 Minutes
  • Look Great Naked
  • How To Drop A Dress Size

You have to figure out what the customer’s needs are.

You need to know what makes them tick because that’s the only way the bouncers (the brain filter system) will let your marketing message in.

It will store your marketing message in the sensory memory.

You only got a couple of seconds and if it’s not worth its while then the brain will filter out your marketing message. The brain will not move your information to the next stage – the short term memory.

The short term memory will only store the data for about 15 seconds to sometimes a minute.

So you can still lose the customers attention. If your marketing message reveals what the brain desperately needs to survive and win in life – it will let you into the next door of the night club.

It will immediately move your information from the sensory memory to the short term and right to the long term memory. That’s where you want your targeted message to be – the Long-Term Memory.

The more your emails, content, videos hit the long term memory….the more the customer’s brain will remember you when the time comes to buy.

You become familiar.

You become trusted. You become an authority of the subject you are marketing about. You have a chance to build on this trust.

So do you know the reason WHY customers buy?

Is the WHY based on acquiring power and influence? If so, why?Is the WHY about acquiring a stronger reputation? If so, why?

Is the WHY about increasing social status and respect? If so, why?

Is the WHY based on financial stability? If so, why?

The purpose of your business is to create customers.

If you can find out what the WHY is then you’ll succeed in generating sales It is a problem the customer stays up at night worrying about and will pay whatever to solve this problem.

It’s not some marketing trick I’m sharing. It’s not something you just guess about and throw a web page together and hope it works. This is science….

The brain of the customer has evolved to seek out and protect the customer from the dangers that lurk around them. The sharp kitchen cabinet – represents a threat. The ringing of a phone without a number showing is seen as a threat. The brain cannot help itself but react automatically, unconsciously, instantaneously, to avoid these threats.

You have experienced what works within your own life.

For example, you’re driving your car and after 15 minutes you hear a police siren. This sound triggers the warning system inside your brain and automatically it sends signals to your body.

You get nervous even when you have done nothing wrong.

You begin to wonder if your wheels are okay. If the car insurance payment has gone through. If the rear lights are working. Is your driver’s license up to date.

A couple of minutes later, and the police car whizzes passed you.

This is how we human beings are wired and due to the media, maybe past experience with the police, the youtube videos, horror stories of the police – your brain was triggered.

I have tested this out in my world.

I walked into a large clothing store wearing some hip hop clothes. I wore a hoodie and my beard wasn’t shaved. Instantly, I felt a vibe from the security guard and the employees working on the counter.

I didn’t have anyone coming up to me asking if I needed help.

The security guard followed me from a distance, thinking I didn’t notice him. I walked to a different aisle and he continued to follow me. He was following what is in his memory. The experience of seeing guys with hoodies on TV robbing a store or a bank.

The hip hop clothes and maybe he saw people like that causing trouble in the neighborhood.

The brain will look into his memory bank and create the best guess it can from what it sees through the senses – the eyes. There is also the smell and touch but for now we focus on the eyes that sent a message to the brain – which sends signals to the body.

The unconscious part of the brain has created a perception.

Perceptions can be wrong but due to the years of conditioning of this security guard and from his training, life experiences, newspapers, TV and other environmental factors – his memory is full of….

He is wearing a hoodie. Unshaven and looks like one of those gangster type of people. He might be here to steal. So I’d better keep an eye on him. Yeah, he’s trouble. Danger alert!

There is no evidence.

I haven’t done any action of stealing or anything of the kind. I just dressed up in a way that most people perceive as trouble. I’m a business man and he may have thought I was unemployed.

I used the same trick the media does to everyone with their stories.

The brain of the security guard is predictable.

Society is very predictable, whether you like to agree or not. They see something on News and they don’t realize they’re being influenced by sound, images, time gaps and the news ticker under the screen as the hot anchor woman talks.

For all we know, most of these stories are untrue and all about changing laws, the environment and creating more fear for us the public.

People don’t like to believe that their decisions are influenced by their hidden brain and other environmental factors but when you see it for what it is – you also become more forgiving and very smart in how you market your products and services.

Back to the story…

I left the store and returned a week later.

This time I’m dressed with a classy plush suit, tie, cuff-links and shiny black shoes. I even walk in with a tall blonde woman who works for me as my PR. She’s tall, hot, and sexy and she knows it. One smile from her and men’s legs begin to wobble.

One smile from her and the women get nervous and green with envy.

The response I got is what I expected.

Immediately I am welcomed with warmth from a woman working there. I’m asked if I need help and if I do, just to ask someone at the counter or to go to her.

The security guard saw me but didn’t recognize me. He didn’t even bother with me and instead focused on another guy who was wearing hip hop clothes.

So not only is the brain always alert to problems and will automatically detect threats but you can also create perceptions, feelings by the way you design your website, the quality of your image, the quality of your video, the quality of sound, the personality you use, the words you use – and how you deliver all these as a systematic online marketing and sales process.

You can lead with a problem by using questions within your headlines. Questions have always worked to get the brain to slam on the brakes and investigate..

Information Overload? Here’s How To Achieve More By Doing Less

Too Busy To Put Kids To Bed? Here’s How Moms Do More By Doing Less

Busy and Broke? Here’s How To Increase Your Income By Doing Less

  • Our brain alerts us about threats..dangers and problems.
  • We are wired this way to help us survive.
  • Identify the pain of the customer instead of marketing features
  • Lead with a problem i.e. identify the customer’s needs.
  • Create perception by raising the quality of your website, images, copy text etc.
  • Marketing and sales are NOT a one-time event. It’s a process. Buying is a process.

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