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WordPress IsTime Sucking Vampire

WordPress IsTime Sucking Vampire

WordPress waste your time.

Count Dracula is a blood-sucking vampire!

The same is true about your website. But instead of sucking blood, it’s sucking all your time; and you have no time left to focus on the things that matter most.

You know…things that help moves the boat forward and faster.

For example…

Maria, a client of ours creates unique, one of the kind, heart-warming greeting cards. As a matter of fact, Maria is an artist who creates art within different medians of the art world (oil on canvas painting, mixed media, acrylics, sculpting).

So as you can see her passion is creating art. Maria sells her greeting cards online at

Maria creates greeting cards all day long. Testing new ideas, marketing, connecting with local businesses, and sales. So at the end of the day, she’s wiped out, brain exhausted.


…she has to tend to her family’s needs. Any spare time she has to work on her website has been eaten up already. Which kinda stinks because she still has to add new products to her website, categorize, test, and then send out an email blast to her list.

However, this WAS Maria’s story. Since being a client of ours. She is less stressed, more relaxed and happier because now she is making more sales and getting more clients because of it.

As a matter of fact, you can be just like Maria when you know the right people who can help reduce the load.

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