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The art of getting clients

The Art Of Getting Clients

I was talking to Dean Jackson from the other day about the art of getting clients, and he asked me how my book promotion was going?

I was running Facebook ads, but turned them off, because I didn’t have the time to play and test like I wanted. Anyway, the question made me think deeper into this question, and the answer I gave him.

I told him that I turned them off because I am busy taking on new clients.

Then he said: “How are you getting clients if you’re not running ads?” And I told him that they are referrals, and repeat customers.

That’s when the lights illuminated brighter in my genius mind. I realized that 95% of our revenue comes from 3% return customers, and 2% referrals (Roughly).

This is really good news because it tells me that the systems I have in place are serving their purpose of productivity, and there is less time wasted.

So now I can go back to focusing on the ads. Because I have tightened up the system even more, to where I can devote the time. I love systems; systems help keep you organized and can help run your business on autopilot.

An example of one system we have built to make life easier for both us, and the clients is our payment processing system. It is so simple and intuitive.

Here is how it works:

  • Customers enter’s how much time they want to purchase.
  • They choose to pay by credit card or PayPal.
  • After payment, enter details, we get the message, customer relaxes

Do you have systems that are broken, or need help finding out how broken your systems are?

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