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Wayne offers all that I need for tech support in my business.

I get great support and tech backup. This means I don’t have to worry about this side of my business. There is a great response and turn-around time for requests to work. The benefits I like most about using Your WordPress Made Simple is the Efficiency, Great knowledge base to execute requests, Easy to pay for blocks of time

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The results were amazing…

The specific feature I liked most from using Your WordPress Made Simple was the communication. The results were amazing. I would definitely recommend this WordPress support service to anyone.

I expected great results… And that’s exactly what I received.

Wayne is extremely efficient and he teaches along the way. I love knowing how to make small changes to my site if I feel inclined to do so.

I’ve worked with numerous web designers and none of the others have spent the time to listen to what I really wanted as the outcome of my site. Wayne listens, he teaches, and has been so efficient and patient with answering my emails, or making changes.

Response time and professionalism…Very happy with his services

Wayne has a super quick response time. He fixed our website issue and was so helpful and pleasant to work with.

The benefits of using Your WordPress Made Simple is Super Fast Response Time, Knowledge in his field, and very helpful.  I feel like I am in good hands when Wayne is working on my site. He is very helpful and friendly and knows his stuff!

Would recommend his services to anyone. Very happy with his services.

Promptness, professionalism, collaborative nature of work

I heard of Wayne through Dean Jackson.

The things I like the most about using Your WordPress Made Simple is the ability to delegate area I’m not an expert in, professional appearance of my site, creativity to think beyond what I think I want, and the peace of mind that things are being handled professionally.

I would recommend Your WordPress Made Simple to anyone who uses WordPress for their business.  It’s a no-brainer. Unless you’re a web developer, you have no business trying to spend time on all this stuff

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