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Mind Control Techniques For The Web

People are busy. There’s a lot more distractions today than there was in the 1950’s.

Today, customers have the TV, Satellite dish, the mobile phones, the internet and the curiosity of Social Media and sharing sites. Even grandma and grandpa uses Facebook, Skype and text their grand-kids with their mobile phone.

In addition, the customers have a busy family life as everything around them is trying to grab their attention.

However, they have access to sophisticated tools to dodge the army of sales reps, cold calls, spam emails and spammy comments. As well as anything that interrupts their life (without) their consent.

But these are not the reasons why 97% of home business websites don’t generate sales as you have discovered when reading – Understanding The Buy Buttons Inside The Customers Brain.

So let’s get cracking and take a detailed look at the pattern that influences the brain of the customer to respond.

As you can see on your right the pattern has a step by step sequence. Just using them are not enough because you need to understand why each step works.

Here’s what you need to avoid doing:

Miss anyone of these steps. Each time you miss any of these steps and don’t give each one the justice it deserves – it will make it difficult to compel the customer to respond.

The first trigger is – Problems.

The Brain Is A Hunter

If you look at TV News and commercials, then the first stories in newspapers, covers of magazines, movies and even novel stories – are leading with problems.

They never lead with positive good news in the beginning and nor do tabloid newspapers or covers of magazines.

Take just a few minutes to switch on the TV and watch commercials and you’ll see they paint a lifestyle story that leads with problems. Only at the end do they throw in a positive happy story.

The experts behind the TV News are social psychologists and they know something that 97% of business owners have neglected to learn.

It is a pattern and this pattern is the emotional language of the brain.

It is why the Trilogies of Harry potter books and movies are a success. It’s why Lord of the Rings Trilogy was a success. And why the last Die Hard Movie flopped.

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