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WordPress Membership Site Solutions

We Get Rid Of Your Pressure And Haul Away The Heavy Loads

Membership Sites Are Not Easy…

WordPress Membership Sites are growing at a fast pace these days. Along with this movement comes rapidly changing technology. And with all honesty, it is really hard to keep up with the pace.

Whether you currently have a membership site or are looking to get one built. Then you already know some of the headaches that come along with it.

Finding the right membership plugin, keeping up with updates, fixing errors and so on. Having a membership site can be a daunting task and it creates pressure for many business owners trying to keep up.

Your WordPress Made Simple has crafted a solution that will suit your needs, no matter what circumstance you find yourself in. Our approach is simple, which allows us to help you with your business issues in the fastest and most efficient manner.

Are You Struggling With Any Of These?

  • Choosing a plugin
  • Setting up membership plugin
  • Creating levels
  • Setting up payment system
  • Setting member dashboard
  • Creating membership pages
  • Setting up drip content process
  • Upgrading members
  • Protecting content
  • Setting up membership navigation
  • Setting membership level menu
  • Hiding content for expired users
  • Setting up member upgrade page
  • Accepting partial payments
  • Protecting pages
  • Protecting forum
  • Protecting partial content
  • Setting up member dashboard
  • Setup registration page
  • Setting up login page
  • Password recovery setup
  • Creating member profile pages
  • Creating cancellation pages
  • Setting up recurring payments
  • Restrict simultaneous logins
  • Adding a forum
  • Setting up a community
  • Or anything else…

How We Work With You

Our approach

We approach helping businesses with their WordPress Membership websites in a unique way.

We do not charge a flat rate for WordPress Membership projects and tasks.

Simply because every project and task is different and requires a tailored solution accordingly.

By approaching your project in this manner it helps you save more money because we give you a quote for the estimated time it will take. Other companies may charge flat rates.

But by doing this, they either:

  1. Undercharge flat rates – Which is literally taking money from their bottom line. This then causes frustration on their part and the result is a lack of care, focus, and 100% commitment to their client’s desires.
  2. Overcharge flat rates  – The truth about WordPress Membership Sites is that you can not charge a flat rate without undercharging or overcharge the customer. WordPress is too complex for any professional WordPress Support company to charge a flat rate for the unknown obstacles and unseen issues that come along with WordPress.

Our approach to WordPress Membership sites is to charge by the hour. In doing this, you save more money and it becomes a fair business transaction between you and us. There are no surprises.

Here Are Some Ways We Can Help You Right Now

Build a functional membership site that is easy for your members to navigate and access the material without any fumbles.

Fix errors quickly to keep your membership program running smoothly. Retain more members with quick response fixes.

Switch membership systems without the fuss, hassle, and worry of interrupting the service for your existing members.

Membership Systems We Work With

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