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It’s Legal, Ethical And Brutally Effective.

It’s Legal, Ethical And Brutally Effective.

Here's How to Quickly Fix Your Website So It Brings You Consistent Revenue…

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Lions can tear us apart with their claws and teeth.

They have the ability to strategies an ambush, perform defensive moves and hunt as packs to catch their prey.

Human beings are not the strongest of species.

We may not even be the smartest on the planet even though we think we are due to our inventions.

We are not even the fastest on this planet and yet, here we are. We survived and evolved.

What is it that has helped us to survive this long?

The one advantage we have is we can change the world through cooperation.

It is our ability to cooperate, communicate, exchange ideas and create for the love of doing; for compassion; for making a difference in someone’s life and even to create wealth.

It is the ability to help each other out when we recognize ourselves in each other.

We are programmed for compassion, heroism, for love.

What is this ability?

Others call it, “what’s in it for me?”

Some call it “instinct” or “a hunch.”

Others such as social psychologist might explain it as, “humans are hardwired this way.”

And some people will say, ‘you were at the right place ant the right time.’

In two words it’s called…

To survive…

Remember this following sentence. Let it be engraved, designed, typed and framed.

Let it always be in front of you whenever you create a marketing campaign.

You can create a targeted customer profile that will help you create a persuasive killer marketing campaign.

All of which focuses on increasing their awareness about their problem, give them something to bite on and get them talking to drive more traffic.

So do you know what motivates the customer?

Here’s 10 Legal, Ethical but Brutally Effective Ways to Influence Customers

  1. Scarcity – Because they might lose out. Get it now!
  2. Escape Pain – to avoid rejections, physical harm, ridicule and health worries
  3. Envy – To beat the competition or inact revenge.
  4. Social Popularity – To get noticed.
  5. Recognition –To gain praise, recognition, promotion, appreciation and respect
  6. Novelty – To be the first to buy what is new, unique and what some can’t get.
  7. Look younger – To attract the man or woman – or to keep their partner.
  8. Acceptance – Because it means love and security instead of loneliness
  9. Comfortable – it’s easy to use, familiar, certainty. The desire for more comfort
  10. Avoid Effort – because most people don’t want to work. Make money easily and without effort.

How do you get it right the first time?

Look, I’m not into creating lots of info products to sell you little nuggets which will lead to many more nuggets.

Honestly, I got more talent on one of my fingers to even bother with such craziness.

Instead, I’d like to work with customers who get it. It makes my life when working with business owners easier and much more enjoyable.

So here it goes…

The power you have today with the internet is – you don’t need to rely on accidental sales. You don’t have to do business with uncertainty.

You don’t have to waste time, resources and money on what might work. Or create anything without first knowing exactly what is selling and why.

You just need to agree that we are all selfish human beings. We all do things for our own interest and desires.

We have a pattern and if you study us a bit longer you’ll be able to create a buying persona profile which will reveal some amazing facts…

  • Who is the targeted customer
  • The wants and needs of the customer
  • What influences the customer to buy
  • What might prevent customer to buy
  • How to handle any other objections effortlessly
  • How to make them feel comfortable on your wensite
  • What are their interest, topics, likes and dislikes
  • How to get the customers to find you

You will even learn what works and what doesn’t before you even create a full website and products.

So identify the pattern of the targeted customer and create a Buyers persona profile.

Yes, it takes knowledge. It will take you to learn the specialized skills to achieve what I’m saying but imagine the growth!


You will be able to get what YOU want because you helped customers get what they want.

That’s all the ideal customer wants.

They want “what’s in it for them!”

Survival. Help them win!

Here's How to Quickly Fix Your Website So It Brings You Consistent Revenue…

A lot of business owners try and make changes to their website, only to get frustrated with it not working the way they want or equally as bad, they don’t get the results they want. They end up putting off new revenue-driving projects and their business doesn’t grow. Discover how you can quickly fix your website so it brings you more revenue or clients right now!

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