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Is Your WordPress Website Safe For Customers?

Is Your WordPress Website Safe For Customers?

No matter what part of the world you are from. You have probably heard something about the US elections and all the scandals that were “discovered”, “Revealed” on both Presidential candidates.

But the one I want to spotlight is the story that has been told about the emails being hacked due to the negligence of the Secretary of State at the time. (By the way, this is a totally non-biased post. I have no faith in either, but only myself and my abilities to change what I can and block out that which I can’t.)

Okay – so the problem with emails getting hacked was because the email correspondences were being sent and received on a private server. I don’t know much about the setup of this server. However, the server was not secure and as the story goes: This became a great security risk and could have endangered the security the United States and all its secrets.

And that is why the US Government chooses to use encrypted technology to help keep the secrets of the country safe and it’s citizens safe.

The same is true about having an SSL certificate installed on your website.

What is an SSL Certificate, Anyway?


In the image above represents that a website has an SSL certificate. First, you see the Green lock and then you see the web address starting with ‘https’.

An SSL Certificate ensures that your customers’ information is safe and protects them from getting their identity stolen and prevents someone from running up charges on their Credit Card.

 Having an SSL Helps Boost Your Google Ranking

google-boostI know just enough SEO to get by. However, there are trusted sites that I go to in order to find out more on the subject, techniques, and considerations.

One of those sources is Search Engine Land. They wrote an entire article on this exact subject concerning Rank Boosting for websites that have an SSL installed on their site.

Google says “fewer than 1% of global queries” but said they “may decide to strengthen” the signal because they want to “encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web.”

How To Protect Your Customer’s Private Information

When people are purchasing services or products through your website, then they are entering very sensitive information such as Credit Card information. Because not everyone uses Paypal for making those purchases.

You do not want to take the chance that anyone’s personal information get’s stolen. It’s bad business if you don’t take this precaution for you customers.

Luckily, a large majority of website hosting companies are now offering free SSL certificates. All you have to do is ask the hosting company you’re hosted with to install this for you. The SSL you will be asking for is called the “Let’s Encrypt SSL”.

If you do not already have web hosting, then you can signup with one of the 2 hosts I recommend below:

  1. WP Engine – Enable SSL certificates on your site with a single click.
  2. SiteGround – SiteGround has been supporting the global initiative to create free SSL certificates for everybody Let’s Encrypt for a long time. Now, all our customers can enable those free certificates on their accounts with just a few clicks.

I hope this article helped provide you a better understanding on the importance of securing your WordPress website. If you have any questions. You can contact me through the contact page of this site.

Thank you!

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