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How To Turn “NO” And “MAYBE” into YES! In 3 Seconds

How To Turn “NO” And “MAYBE” Into YES! In 3 Seconds

People trust what’s familiar more than the unknown. Familiarity is the place of comfort for people.

But what else are people familiar with? Appearances that are attractive. Yes, appearance, what you look like, the way you dress and what you wear makes a big difference.

My friend thought otherwise until his mind was changed. Some people got it all wrong with the notion that you look at the personality of a person first.

“I don’t go for looks. It’s personality that’s important…” Joe said.

“Is that why you looked at the hot woman with the tight ass, with the short skirt, long legs that passed right by us?” I replied.

He looks back hoping his wife isn’t behind him.

“Don’t worry, she hasn’t come back yet. She’s just putting some more make up on, straightening her hair because (sarcasm…) personality is what’s important…”

That was the last time my friend Joe tried to convince me that personality comes first. It really didn’t matter because, in the real world, it’s a different ballgame.

You may not like it but appearances do matter.

Saying that it doesn’t is naive…especially when it comes to marketing and selling your products or services.

You might say, “Come on Adam! This is not true!”

Oh, how I wish it wasn’t.

But, unfortunately, it is true. This is the world we live in.

Appearances matter.

People have already made their mind up about you in seconds.

People Have Already Made A Decision In Under 3-4 Seconds

Most businesses don’t take their website, product and their full marketing sales appearances seriously.

Their product photos are done using mobile phones and the quality is awful. I had a client who I was doing work for and she sent me photos of her products. They were from her mobile phone and I refused to use them for her website and strategy.

Most businesses do the following with their online appearance:

  • Buy the cheapest photographs online.
  • The layout design of the website is like some hobbyist.
  • The product images do a disservice to their products.
  • Even their own profile photo lacks the quality required.

So here’s a question for you…

Have You Ever Been to Speed Dating?

Well, decisions are made in under 3 seconds. Maybe even shorter than that.

Imagine, people have 6 minutes to talk to the opposite sex and move from one table to another.

Imagine you are monitoring and studying what’s happening at a speed dating event. (In fact, someone did just that.)

When everyone called it a night, the guy who was monitoring the behavior asked the speed dating participants this…

“Was 6 minutes enough time to get to know a person?”

The surprising reply from all of them was, “6 minutes was a bit too long”“It could be shorter”.

Shorter than 6 minutes?!


They knew in a matter of a couple of seconds if they liked the person or not.

How can anyone decide that fast?


That’s how.

Let me explain before you ladies start throwing mud at me. Or the guys for that matter.

When you were a baby in less than 3 days you were already trying to imitate behaviors. The first thing you saw was a face.

You tried to imitate a smile, a frown and copy someone who was sticking their tongue out at you and doing the nauseating sound of…

“Cutchie Cutchie cuckoo. Blah blah blah..”

You laugh or you get scared and cry. As a child, you are shown pretty pictures from fairy-tale storybooks.

You watched cartoons of pretty women and hot guys who came to save the day.

You stared at the attractive faces in photos, book, and your mom’s magazines longer than those that were not attractive.

The beauty is decided by the shape of the nose, hair, spacing of eyes, the neck and those gorgeous curves.

You also prefer to look at faces that are smiling then you do at frowning faces.

All these responses are pre-wired into every infant as well as you.

Throughout your teen years your unconscious mind has been bombarded every day with:

  • Tv Commercials showing hot sexy men and women
  • TV News anchorwomen that look hot
  • Pop idols who are glossed up and it’s all about having a nice ass to tweak
  • Gorgeous Females and Male Models On Billboards Advertisement
  • Hot Alpha type Men and Women In Movies
  • Magazine covers with it’s beautiful, hot, sexy and gorgeous women and men

And on top of all this, you have society…

  • Peer Pressure in School
  • Got to look hot, sexy to be popular
  • Got to hook up with the hot looking guy or girl to be noticed
  • Got to wear what is in and what the good looking gals or guys wear

By the time you reach adulthood your mind thinks it knows what’s beautiful and what isn’t physically attractive.

It can decide in seconds.

Attractiveness becomes important to girls, boys, men and women in social settings.

Your appearances can change people’s behavior and attitude towards you.

Once you understand the magnitude of your appearances and how it can change the desires, thoughts, and minds of everyone you interact with; you will discover an opportunity to even improve communication with your targeted market.

You can even improve at the present; your marketing message that reveals the values your ideal customer believes in.

Apply the 10 secrets to create a Magnetic First Impression

In other words…

Look as good as you possibly can.

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