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How is your marketing going?

Here's How to Quickly Fix Your Website So It Brings You Consistent Revenue…

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How is your marketing going?

As business owners, we’ve all had to deal with, or have dealt with this one thing. And it doesn’t matter what business you’re in.

We can ALL relate that trying to learn how to do things related to helping our business to keep the bus moving is a huge waste of time.

Take running facebook ads as an example.

If you have ever attempted to run facebook ads on your own. Then you know how intimidating and frustrating it can be.

Just the other day, it hit me like a ton of bricks. And to be honest, it’s a little embarrassing to admit.

I had been “trying” to set up facebook ads for my book “More Clients Now.” Now if you had a chance to read the book, you will notice that one of the very first things I stress is “It’s not about the who, It’s all about the how”

Now… I had no business whatsoever, wasting time trying to learn how to setup facebook ads. What was I thinking?

On top of that, I spent money that I could have avoided spending. If I had only gotten in touch with Eleanor; she’s my secret weapon when it comes to helping with writing copy.

The biggest problem in this case, was writing the ad copy and getting help with narrowing down the target market.

Needless to say, that experience was a waste of time and money. All because I didn’t shine the ‘Bat Light’, so Eleanor could see to come help save me from my self-sabotaging situation that I caused myself.

However, now I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders.

But as the saying goes “Capitalize on your mistakes.” In this instance, you get to capitalize on my mistakes with the simple and clear lesson of:

“…Trying to learn how is for the birds” 

If you’re in the same type of situation with your website. Where you’ve just had enough of the figuring out how and just need someone to take that pain away.

Then that’s what we’re here for. I have a team standing by and ready to help you get the results you’re looking for.

Just let me know!


Here's How to Quickly Fix Your Website So It Brings You Consistent Revenue…

A lot of business owners try and make changes to their website, only to get frustrated with it not working the way they want or equally as bad, they don’t get the results they want. They end up putting off new revenue-driving projects and their business doesn’t grow. Discover how you can quickly fix your website so it brings you more revenue or clients right now!

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PLUS: When you're ready... here are some other ways my team and I can help.

1. Monthly Backups and Updates
The fastest way for your business website to get hacked is by not updating your themes, plugins and your WordPress. PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS

2. Done For You Membership System
Membership sites are great ideas. Especially when you want to deliver content to your audience in a hassle and noise-free setting. However, they time to set up and can be kinda tricky to configure if you don’t know what you’re doing. WE HAVE YOU COVERED HERE

3. Time Blocks
Ready to start that next big idea or project? You can purchase as many blocks as you like. There is no limit. STOCK UP ON TIME BLOCKS

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