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How Great WordPress Support Businesses Is Born

Out of the caves… is where great WordPress support is born.

When you put your website into excellence. You will only get back excellence.

That’s just how it works…

But how is this excellence born?

Where does it come from?

The birth of excellence

High-level WordPress knowledge comes from years of experience. Since 2008, to be exact!

Let me explain.

But first, I need to let you know that I have to use myself as the example. So that the story makes sense. Make sense?

Okay, let the story begin.

I started building websites before WordPress was an option in the online business world. But then I got turned on to WordPress.

I tell you that first because you need to know what that is like. I am a website developer. I have been developing websites since 2000. But… there is something you need to know about a web developer.

In The Mind Of a Web Developer

Call them introverts…if you must.

But here are the facts:

Web developers spend countless upon countless of hours writing code. They don’t sleep much. They eat when they can.

I’m telling you, it’s some serious stuff going on behind the scenes of a website.

It’s like you are with your business. You’re focused on what it is you do. Whatever that is. Like selling wedding dresses. I know nothing about selling wedding dresses. But I bet it can be exhilarating.

Web developers (especially when you first learn that you love it) are like those mad scientists that you see in pictures or video. They are scrunched over their keyboard and giving you the “side” evil eye.

And that’s pretty much how it is. They do not like to be bothered most of the time. All they want to do is write nerdy code. It’s totally fun, though.

I still code. Every day. But, it’s heaps less than when I first started.

The point is. There is passion involved. and passion breeds excellence.

Passion Breeds Excellence

There is a difference between excitement and passion.

I believe that anyone can be excited about something. I also believe anyone can be passionate about something. But the big difference is longevity.

I believe passion is forever and excitement fades away. Passion is something you dream about all the time. It is part of your life (selling, marketing, inventor.).

You wear it everywhere you go. You speak it. You hang around the same people as you, who think like you.

But excitement can fade in the blink of an eye. An example would be: Getting a new bike to ride and then it all fades away after 2 months.

Now, in order to feed your passion. You have to be open-minded to trying new things. Especially with your marketing.

Which brings me to the conclusion.

Mandatory Marketing

When you have someone who is a student of marketing-(through… application) and is a high-level WordPress developer. You will experience heaven on earth.

How lucky could a gal/guy get? It’s so incredible to think about…

…because it sounds too good to be true.

Think about it for a second. It’s like having an army of success at your fingertips.

With all that’s been said here, it’s best to get with the best.

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