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Concepts To Achieve Website Sales Success

We always look at the end goal of sales to help us make our website successful. Anything else can distract us with noise about raising brand awareness when we have yet to establish a customer base.

1. Marketing
Gathering data to identify what your business should be, what it shouldn’t be to help you create the unique strategy to win. It helps you identify which market to target, who is buying, who is selling and the type of business model to develop to win online and offline. It helps you to understand the process of your business and win the mind of your ideal customers.

2. Strategy
Knowing how you will position yourself in a uniquely valuable way in the market so customers can differentiate you from other businesses.

3. Sales Funnel Sequence
A visual representation that is shaped like a funnel and represents the steps you need to put in place to convert leads into customers. It should reveal how many prospects you have through each stage and which are active leads and which are very low non-active leads.

4. Emotional Language Progress (M8) – Stimulation
Your prospects language is an emotional one and later they rationalize with logic. You want to stimulate a wide range of emotions i.e. their desire, fears, and hopes.

Your environment i.e. the website, the copywriting, words, images can all be powerful tools, the marketing which attracts them and the sequence steps will keep you in their mind. The M8 will help you understand more about your ideal customer’s psychology.

5. Deep Emotional Connection
It is of importance that your prospects feel a deep connection with you and they must be committed to moving forward. If your prospects do not emotionally invest i.e. buy, then there won’t be a deep connection. They are just spectators. That’s why the next concept is powerful:

6, Measuring Performances
Google Analytics is a very powerful tool. It can help you measure any goal you want. It will tell you everything you need to know about the customers who land on any of your website pages. It will even tell you when the sale happens, from what page and what to tighten up. Home business owners with a website run into various problems due to their acceptance of common marketing and sales practices.

The average business owner has observed Celebrity Gurus, Experts, books, blueprints and has heard one-off stories or even worse; they listen to other business owners hype advice and follow inaccurate information on what it takes to succeed online.

The classic tale of “build it and they will come” and “magic bullet system” to “Social Media is must” purported by Gurus and their affiliates continue to feed their fantasy to be seen for who we “really are’” without actually having to DO anything. This is great in the fantasy world.

However, in the real world, you have to be proactive in your marketing and sales. You have to have specialized knowledge and skills. You have to be a master of Google Analytics or other forms of data software to measure what works and what doesn’t work for you.

Your prospects are often spectators in their own fantasy but you are a business owner who has equipped him/herself with understanding on how your own desires and emotions work. That way you have what most customers struggle with…

Leadership and Focus.

~ Adam Taha (Mentor)

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