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Charlie Brown – The Linus blanket effect.

Charlie Brown – The Linus Blanket Effect.

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Charlie Brown – The Linus blanket effect.

I remember growing up, watching the TV show, “Charlie Brown.”

I specifically remember the local NBC station, channel 5 would blanket your consumption of entertainment

by running all day marathons of Charlie Brown episodes.

But from the entire cast of the Charlie Brown show, there was one dude that stood out to me the most.


Linus was the chap that walked around the neighborhood with a blue blanket.

It was something about that blanket that attracted me to the Linus character.

Every time I saw Linus in an episode, I felt happy and relaxed (as I am remembering it all now).

So I got to thinking: “Why did seeing Linus with the blanket make me feel that way”

Then it hit me!

The reason I was feeling this way, was because

(seeing Linus with his blanket) gave me a sense of security, safety, not a single worry.

Now, if you look at this from a physiological point of view, you will discover that the blanket was Linus’s “Security blanket.”

As business owners, we need multiple “security blankets” for different operations of our business.

Here are a few examples of my security blankets:

  • MD – MD is the lead developer on my team. When he’s around, I feel such a relief, weights off my shoulders.
  • Eleanor – When I need help with writing more compelling copy that makes people jump out of their seats, I call Eleanor. Check her out here
  • Dean Jackson – When the simple is too hard to understand. Dean helps make marketing simple. Check out his podcast here

Though I have much more.

I rely on these guys, because I know I’m getting the best of the best.

Furthermore, whatever problem I am having in any of those areas; I can reach out to any of them and my problems are solved.

Do you have a “security blanket” component in place to help you with your website’s tech stuff in your business?

Let me know.


Here's How to Quickly Fix Your Website So It Brings You Consistent Revenue…

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