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WordPress IsTime Sucking Vampire

WordPress waste your time. Count Dracula is a blood-sucking vampire! The same is true about your website. But instead of sucking blood, it's sucking all your time; and you have no time left to focus on the things that matter…

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Driving Better Website Results

Website results are driven by thinking... Your WordPress website is a sales machine. That's right! It is designed to do all the hard work for you. And the purpose of your website sales machine is to produce results. So think about…

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Why Work Hard For Mediocre Results?

Working your butt off and only getting mediocre results, sucks! If y!ou’re not good at something, then you shouldn’t do it. You should find someone else to do it or forget about it altogether. There are better uses of your time,…

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Logic Don’t Play Favorites

In the programming world, computer programmers and web programmers approach most anything in life from a logical point of view. The reason why, is because they deal with  0’s and 1’s, If’s and And’s, and  Equal / Not Equal. Anyway, most…

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