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Business Websites Evoke Emotion

Business websites will evoke emotions in different forms This was a statement, in a display ad, at Starbucks.:"A Bold New Way To Flavor Your Iced Tea..." However, the headline read: "Good Feels Good". Think about how powerful that statement is. It…

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Business WordPress Website

How To Get More Results With Less Effort

We all want to get more results. Imagine having a call-to-action show up on your business WordPress website; that increases your opportunities for more lead generation, conversions, and sells. And on top of that, with very little effort. Seriously… All you need is…

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Why Business Owners Are Wacky

If you look at it from the point of view of the average human, we are pretty nuts. A bunch of nut jobs… The way we think is so dynamic; we’re always thinking about new things, new solutions, and ideas. And we are always…

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