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Business Websites Evoke Emotion

Business Websites Evoke Emotion

Business websites will evoke emotions in different forms

This was a statement, in a display ad, at Starbucks.:”A Bold New Way To Flavor Your Iced Tea…”

However, the headline read: “Good Feels Good“. Think about how powerful that statement is.

It is a statement that is always true; no matter what. It is so brilliant. So I started thinking about how your website can help deliver this same message to your visitors; that’s not saying that you’re not already doing it.

Either way, you have to admit that it’s another smart way to help scale your business with more leads, customers, and more sales.

I know for a fact though, that there is a lot of good you want to pass on to your customers, prospects and you’ve been thinking of ways to do that.

But… you’re either stuck in a technical tornado or don’t have time.

You know how it is…

You want to sell a new product, set up a new service, and fix broken stuff on your website.

All the time you’re thinking about the customer, visitors, prospects; you want to provide the best experience, product, service, and you’re frustrated because you feel trapped, alone and almost out of hope.

But let me remind:

  1. You are not alone
  2. You are not trapped
  3. There is hope

It feels good to feel good. Doesn’t it?

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