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Why Work Hard For Mediocre Results?

Working your butt off and only getting mediocre results, sucks! If y!ou’re not good at something, then you shouldn’t do it. You should find someone else to do it or forget about it altogether. There are better uses of your time,…

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Logic Don’t Play Favorites

In the programming world, computer programmers and web programmers approach most anything in life from a logical point of view. The reason why, is because they deal with  0’s and 1’s, If’s and And’s, and  Equal / Not Equal. Anyway, most…

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Why Business Owners Are Wacky

If you look at it from the point of view of the average human, we are pretty nuts. A bunch of nut jobs… The way we think is so dynamic; we’re always thinking about new things, new solutions, and ideas. And we are always…

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Price or Cost

Have you ever been rejected in life?Then you can relate to this…A lot of times, we don’t take action because of the fear of being rejected.
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Before you redesign your website.

I remember growing up, watching the TV show, “Charlie Brown.”I specifically remember the local NBC station, channel 5 would blanket your consumption of entertainmentby running all day marathons of Charlie Brown episodes.
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