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WordPress IsTime Sucking Vampire

WordPress waste your time. Count Dracula is a blood-sucking vampire! The same is true about your website. But instead of sucking blood, it's sucking all your time; and you have no time left to focus on the things that matter…

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Driving Better Website Results

Website results are driven by thinking... Your WordPress website is a sales machine. That's right! It is designed to do all the hard work for you. And the purpose of your website sales machine is to produce results. So think about…

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Business WordPress Website

How To Get More Results With Less Effort

We all want to get more results. Imagine having a call-to-action show up on your business WordPress website; that increases your opportunities for more lead generation, conversions, and sells. And on top of that, with very little effort. Seriously… All you need is…

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The art of getting clients

I was talking to Dean Jackson from the other day about the art of getting clients, and he asked me how my book promotion was going? I was running Facebook ads, but turned them off, because I didn’t have the time to play…

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