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Wayne Hatter and WordPress Live Help History

I created Your WordPress Made Simple and WordPress Live Help because of my passion for graphics, web design, and the artistic drive to create and publish my works.

I wanted to learn WordPress and manipulate the WordPress themes and functionality because of my desire for more control and the passion to create.

To be able to make things move around on a webpage and control what happened on the page.

Paying someone to design, program, and even create the marketing strategy would have cost a lot of money.

I didn’t have money to pay a programmer and was just starting out. I was also just coding straight HTML at the time.

The learning curve at the beginning was huge – you can imagine – but I kept going. It took hours, weeks, months, and years to get to this stage.

The challenges that hit me and I’m sure you have gone through them yourself are:
Where do you start with WordPress?

How do you install the WordPress software? How do you create the pages and organize each WordPress page?

How do you install WordPress plugins?

How do you customize the header and make your WordPress site look exactly how you see it in your mind?

I wouldn’t want anyone to have to endure the frustrations of wrestling WordPress as I did.
Which, by the way, is the number one Free CMS (Content Management System) in use by so many Home Business Owners.

If I could change anything in my WordPress Journey it would be these three…
Find someone who knows more about WordPress than me.

Learn from them so I can get everything off the ground fast.

And find the money to pay them too.

…because time is valuable and we love to do everything ourselves but you got a business to run.

When I started, there was my job, family life, beautiful children, and the busy life of just staying on top of things.

I was doing it the wrong way at first. I was doing everything myself and no project or dream ever got completed.

The frustration you feel when that happens can be so overwhelming, you feel like your spinning your wheels.

Always trying to get ready…ready…ready…ready.

8 months down the line and you’re still trying to get….ready!

How To Sneak Pass The WordPress Support
Crew Through A Secret Door

Sure, I could have sent support tickets. You know the process… It can send you up the wall because you got a business, you have to finish something NOW, not four days later.

I needed answers to WordPress themes and coding for a website and I wasn’t going to waste time on forums.

So I’d send a support ticket. Then wait. You don’t get an answer.

Then, you send another one. And still no answer. It frustrated me and I know it frustrates others.

But I had no choice at the time and just trying to figure it out. It took a long time, reading all

those CSS books to work with WordPress.

“How To Fix Your WordPress Site With
WordPress Live Help Tech Support”

As time when by, my skills became better, faster and I could take a design, install a WordPress theme and customize it to show exactly what I wanted to be designed.

That’s when people began asking for help.

I’d partner with other WordPress home businesses that provided support. They’d send me the tickets that were submitted and I’d do the work for a fee.

My love and passion to help others fix their WordPress techie frustrations started. And with it, a dream to create a vision.

A Fast Live WordPress Support to help fix your WordPress websites, blogs and answer any WordPress techie stuff.

You can fix your WordPress Site in a slow way or faster way. Allowing you to focus on what matters most – attracting new clients and increasing sales.

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