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5 Tell A Story

5 Tell A Story

Here's How to Quickly Fix Your Website So It Brings You Consistent Revenue…

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The 7 Personal Branding Steps To Writing Seductive Web Copy


Short Version
Everyone can tell a story. We do it every day. Whether at work, home, with friends. We hear, see, read and tell hundreds to thousands of stories. Even as you read these words, your brain is telling a story.The reason why stories work is because our brain is wired this way. This is one of the ways the brain has helped the human species survive this long. It is a way we can learn and experience without getting physically hurt or pointed at.

Imagine, many years ago when people lived in caves. They were teaching each other about what to eat, what is poisonous, what a predator is and how to hunt.

Now, they couldn’t teach the very young by getting them to come face to face a dangerous animal predator. They would tell stories and these stories were shared throughout the tribe.

By telling a story, the young don’t have to experience the dangers physically. Instead, they listened to a great wise story teller who weaves signs, images on walls and with words.

They experienced the adventure, the excitement, the drama, challenges, the loss, the heartache, the fear, the joy and they learned by just listening.

Stories have helped the human species to survive. This is one of the ways the brain helps us to avoid pain.

In today’s modern world, stories are told in movies, novels, the news and magazines instead of cave walls.

Its real power is the way people can own the story and share it with other people they know as if it’s their story.

There is also another crucial point…

No one wants to be pointed at by society. No one likes to be judged and ridiculed.

The world has a lot of nasty people that love making the life for others a misery by bullying, making fun of someone else’s misfortunes and failures.

They thrive on making other people feel small. They have it already in them to make anything as an excuse to judge, ridicule, point fingers and make members of the community feel uncomfortable.

Their lives have no meaning and they get their joy from pulling people down about their job, social status, education, country, race, color, culture, gender and even which city or neighborhood a person comes from.

This is where the brain plays its part.

The brain is always scanning for threats and one of these threats is feeling uncomfortable.

That’s why stories are powerful. You can create stories to engage customers to experience adventure, joy, beliefs and arousal.

People can indulge in their fantasies without anyone knowing. They can read about their problem within the comfort of their home.

Customers can live their sexual desires through Shades of Grey or the fantasy of being a hero in Harry Potter. They can experience what it feels like to win and get inspired to take action.

All due to reading an article, an ebook or watching your video.

But to write a compelling story needs other ingredients…

Here's How to Quickly Fix Your Website So It Brings You Consistent Revenue…

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