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4. Write Directly To The Targeted Customer

4. Write Directly To The Targeted Customer

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The 7 Personal Branding Steps To Writing Seductive Web Copy


Short Version
Targeting your business at everyone is one of the quickest routes to failure. Think about who the ideal customer is for you. Knowing who your targeted market is and what makes them tick will help to create, market and sell products which fit with the target niche.Defining your targeted customers will help you write towards the customer’s emotional needs. It will help you create a compelling content strategy that connects with the customer’s.

If you look at newspapers, magazines and novels they all have one thing in common. They don’t aim at everyone. Each magazine, newspaper and book focuses on a niche.

Take a look at these books. What do you see…?

The same thing you’ll see in book shops. You’ll see one section is for fiction books, one for fantasy, the other one for Sci-fi and around the corner is Romance. Sure, some books will have a bit from each other but the overall focus is very clear.

The authors write to a specific and targeted type of reader.

This helps the authors to write directly to the targeted customer. It helps the marketing team in gathering information about the targeted customer and creates a compelling marketing message.

For you to write content in the emotional language of the targeted customer you need to ask the right questions…

  • Who is the targeted customer
  • What’s their needs
  • What’s their values
  • What are their likes and dislikes
  • What keywords are they using when searching
  • Where do they hang around online
  • Where do they buy from and why
  • What will prevent them to buy

It makes it easier for you to focus your time, energy and resources to gather data about the ideal customer. It makes it easier to write and market in the language of the customer.

It makes it easier to create an environment that makes this customer comfortable. It makes it easier for you to write to one person rather than everyone else.

This pattern is everywhere. Take a look at movies.

Each movie doesn’t try to aim at everyone…

But what if some people get offended for leaving them out?

JK Rowling was rejected 12 times by publishers for her Harry Potter book.

In her latest book called the Cuckoo’s Calling she was turned down by publishers. One publisher was embarrassed when they found out it was J.K Rowling that wrote the book.

The book (Cuckoo’s Calling) was later published and it only sold 500 copies.

When the Harry Potter creator was unmasked as its author of Cuckoo’s Calling, guess what happened. The sales on Amazon shot up from 5,076th place to the top of the sales chart.

Well known billion dollars corporations were rejected too.

Two University students who started Google approached Yahoo in 1997. They wanted to sell Google for $1 Million dollars. Yahoo refused the offer back then.

Google is now worth $250 billion.

What does that tell you?

You might as well carve yourself a niche and forget trying to please the masses.

When you focus all your resources in getting to know who the customer is then something remarkable happens when you create content…

It connects with your readers.

Your message will bounce off the web page and grab the reader’s attention…naturally.

You will have authority…naturally. Ideas will come naturally.

Your mind will help you with many ideas and you will have to log them in a note pad or carry a note pad with you. They just don’t stop flying through.

You will attract the customers who love what you do and have similar values as the one you’re writing for.

Imagine, people accepting you for who you are.

You never have to try and pretend to be someone to everyone. You never have to work so hard to get everyone to understand who you are.

Focus on serving the customers who love what you do. The ideal customer who raves about you and will fall in love with your brand.

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