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3. Talent

3. Talent

Here's How to Quickly Fix Your Website So It Brings You Consistent Revenue…

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The 7 Personal Branding Steps To Writing Seductive Web Copy


Short Version
Talent manifests into the things you enjoy most and do well. Unfortunately, since they are so easily visible by knowing what we enjoy doing the most – they can easily be neglected due to fear.When you combine talent with meaning, you will find your flow.It will feel like everything is coming to place effortlessly. Your content will be consistent with your talent and the niche you serve. It makes you stand out from the crowd even further. It’s the

It is one of the most unfortunate times when I find business owners neglect what they enjoy the most because of the get rich mentality. Much of it is based on fear and this conditioning that you can’t make money from what you love to do.

Money, profit, sales is a byproduct of what you love to do and do it well.

Imagine, starting a business because you want to make a quick buck. With this mindset it comes lot of doubts, fears and other issues.

It’s not about expression of your purpose, your values, your direction and building a meaningful life. It’s about making an impression to please people.

You try to sell but it’s not working out for you, so you step into this attraction marketing community.

That’s when you learn about the different techniques and tactics. That’s when you learn to fake it while you make it.

To mold yourself into someone who has value and to work in the competition plain.

The problem with this is – you will always find someone who has more value than you, more money than you, better car and better mansions.

Now what?

You’re hoping to learn all these techniques – to beat the competition.

You reduce the prices of the products. You throw in a tactic here, a technique there, an up-sell here and a pop up window there to make profit. You throw a couple of bonuses for good measure.

But you still face the same problem.

You’re unhappy. It becomes a drag. It really doesn’t feel like something you love to do for another year. Never mind another 5 years.

You are still uncertain of the future and regretting the past.

Most of all – you are still..PITCHING..DOING TRICKS, WHEELING AND DEALING and none of it is for something you really believe in. You won’t invest, fight for it, live for it and die for this business.

So what do you do?

What else?

You join another quick buck opportunity or affiliate program. You create 4 more mini websites for profit and hope for the best.

When these don’t work you think the problem is..

  • The company
  • The product
  • Recession
  • Competition
  • Saturation
  • Prices

Three years go by and you shut down about a dozen websites.

But here’s what you have been missing…

Andrew Willis, an engineer and a skateboarder himself wanted to build a skate park. He entered the competition for a 3 months lease on some land to build the skate park that will make a difference to youths lives.

He won the project but immediately he faced a problem.

There was no budget for materials.

He didn’t have any capital to build the skate park and he had only four weeks to build it.

So did he give up?

Did he start another business?

Did he buy another business opportunity?

What he did is he throw away his job in engineering and used his talent as an engineer and skateboarding to get the job done.

The first thing he did was search for local companies to see if they had materials that they would throw away and not use, Some of the materials he found were new to him. He had never worked with them before.

He had to watch tons of videos, read lots of books, test different materials out. He had to learn the bulk of the knowledge from scratch.

Andrew slept on this land. He ate there. He worked there.

He was there 24 hours a day to build his skate park. Building it with a team of friends by hand. As he kept working at it, the news spread and companies helped out with giving him materials.

He finished the job on time.

Today, in East London, you will see a skate park that was built by left over material from the Olympic games. It created a lasting legacy for the local community of Hackney Wick.

Andrew didn’t approach what he loved to do by increasing some material value. Instead, he did what is most attractive. He did what he enjoyed the most. In doing so, he attracted the people who liked his purpose, his vibe and passion.

That’s what you’re missing if you don’t lead with a purpose, meaning and your talent.

You will feel your stomached turning whenever you approach your business with a quick buck attitude. You’ll struggle to write content.

You’ll stay up through the nights worrying if you’ll make a sale tomorrow. You’re wondering what trick, tactic, technique, gadget, system you are going to use next to make a quick buck.

You’ll try and buy some facebook followers to look cool. To increase that superficial value.

I’m not saying these marketing techniques don’t work because they do. However, they get you to focus on success or failure.

Both are phantoms. Both are risky. Both are nothing but an illusion.

And…here’s what the result will be…

You will always remember that one talent, that one thing you enjoy doing but you never did it. It will haunt you for the rest of your life. It will be at the back of your mind everyday and that fear will slow you down.

Always fearing the worse. Always trying to impress instead of expressing your passion within your content to help people learn how to fix their problems. You will always walk on a journey that isn’t really yours. Always, living in someone else’s shadows.

This is your chance to use your talent and create a product or service you always wanted.

That’s how IBM started. That’s how Apple started.

That’s how Google started.

Two students Larry Page 23 years old and Sergey Brin 24 years old were going after their Ph.D. at Stanford University. They had this idea to create a new search engine. They first called it Googol and now, you know it as Google.

This is the 21st century and you have all the resources you need to crush it with what will make you happy

Here's How to Quickly Fix Your Website So It Brings You Consistent Revenue…

A lot of business owners try and make changes to their website, only to get frustrated with it not working the way they want or equally as bad, they don’t get the results they want. They end up putting off new revenue-driving projects and their business doesn’t grow. Discover how you can quickly fix your website so it brings you more revenue or clients right now!

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