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Don’t Use Duct Tape To Fix Your Website

Don’t Use Duct Tape To Fix Your Website

There’s nothing like a broken window in the winter time. All that cold air comes in and freezes your butt off.

You do your best to seal it up, using the materials that you readily available. But all there is is duct tape and a hammer and nails and a thin piece of plywood.

You run over to the plywood and grab the duct tape off the desk and dash over to the window. To start surgery.

After 15 minutes you finally got the board in place, covering the hole in the window. And now you can get some sleep.

You have a pretty good night’s sleep because you were able to keep the cold air out. You’re feeling good, feeling accomplished.

You get off work, go home, have some dinner, take a shower and then head to bed. The board is still intact.

But then it happens…

In the middle of the night–It rains a little, then everything freezes. You wake up in a scare because a loud bump woke you up.

You sit up in bed, look across the room and notice that the plywood you put up the night before, is now on the floor.

You jump out of bed and dash over to the plywood on the floor and attempt to tape it back over the hole in the window.

However, the tape got frozen from getting wet by the rain. And the sad part is that you don’t have anymore duct tape to try fixing it again.

The moral of the story is: When you try fixing your website without the right tools. Then the fix will not last.

So put down the duct tape and get the expert help you need to patch your broken windows.

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