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2. Brand Identity

2. Brand Identity

Here's How to Quickly Fix Your Website So It Brings You Consistent Revenue…

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The 7 Personal Branding Steps To Writing Seductive Web Copy


Short Version
It’s not enough to have a purpose. You have to know how to project your purpose to the world. You project your identity using forms of images, words, symbols and behavior. They are shortcuts to meaning that tells customers you fit in their world.Your brand identity becomes a personality. It makes it easier for customers to decide what you’re about and remembers you when the time comes for them to buy.

The moment you know what your purpose is, you begin to see what is important to you. You develop a way of thinking. An attitude. Your content starts coming to life.

It suddenly has a…personality.


The strategy, the name of the website, the concept, the layout design of the website, the images you use, the headlines, the way you weave the words and your behavior is consistent.

I’m not saying, you put yourself in a box or try to be somebody else.

Instead, you are being you and have learned to demonstrate the purpose in the most attractive manner that goes with who you are. The result is you will attract customers that are drawn to what you are solving in the world and your values.

Impression:  is trying to impress readers by trying to write in a way that people want to hear.

But customers get this already from friends and relatives.

They want what to hear what they NEED to hear to solve their problem. The identity part helps you to EXPRESS the purpose in the commerce world. It helps you project meaning that creates a mood for your marketing and sales strategy. It creates an atmosphere. When the customer lands on your page they don’t just a website with content.

They are landing in an environment and this environment must say.

“This is where you belong. You’re in the right place.”

You do this with the name of your website, the colors you use, type of words you use, the images, the layout and all the themes that make them feel they do fit in your world and you fit in theirs.

If we look at Lady Gaga’s we see she demonstrates her personality in her music, the type of lyrics she uses and the values she projects on her music videos.


Her outlaw identity isn’t just in one video.

It’s consistent in all her videos. All her lyrics and even her album cover. They all work together seamlessly to create the mood.

Even on her website…


But what about when she’s out in the world and again, there is consistency.

Again, we see her being consistent. Her outlaw/a rebel is demonstrated in public view. It’s about disrupting, shocking the crowd. It’s not about being what everyone else wants her to be.

That’s the values/mood she projects with her clothes, hair, the whole package.


If you explore other artists you will see this pattern over and over again. You suddenly realize that it’s not just about writing content but creating loyalty with your brand

And to do that, you have got to be consistent with everything and not just your content.

So what is your personality?

  • The Sage that helps people to understand the world around them and find truth
  • The Outlaw who breaks the rules and creates a revolution
  • The Innocent who wants is very optimistic.
  • The Regular guy or gal who desires to connect with others.
  • The Hero that desires to prove their worth
  • The Caregiver that protects and cares for others
  • The Explorer that strives to find who you are by experiencing new things
  • The lover who desires to build relationship with others
  • The Creator who has a vision and creates things of value
  • The jester who desires to live in the moment
  • The Magician who desires to make dreams true
  • The Ruler who wants control, create wealth, successful family or community

You may have more than one personality but choose the one most dominant in your life. Then project it in your writing and behave with your customers in a manner fit with your identity.

There will be times when you will need to move from one personality to another but it’s still consistent.

Seducing readers is not one thing as you see. There’s a full package you need to reveal. When you got all these in place and your content is also amazing – the impact is amazing. People cannot help coming back because they feel they fit in with what you do – and how you do it.

“It’s about the purpose. All this is about piecing each step of marketing and sales together. It’s about knowledge. Screw what other people think. Keep going..”

I went from one job to another. One business to another to understand marketing and sales. IO didn’t care about failing but to learn, to figure it out, to put the pieces together and knew this journey would take me years to do.

I opened a pizza business. I failed there but I knew why. I began to understand what was going wrong but I wasn’t there yet. I opened another business and another and again it worked for a while but something was missing.

Then I created my own magazine, it succeeded by learning from the lessons of the Pizza business but I still didn’t piece all the marketing and sales puzzle together. I sold the magazine after it grew and was distributing into four cities.

I tried every prospecting technique; see what is working and what isn’t. I’ve gone online for years building, testing like to see what works. It wasn’t about profit but about piecing the structure needed to develop a true online marketing system for the music.

Every time I dived in and left to move to learn the next stages in a different industry – people who knew me thought I had failed. However, I was succeeding in gathering the knowledge, the insight, the experience, the skills and most of all the missing pieces together for my music.

My mind was so full of practical knowledge, from creating websites, magazines, novels, books, high class video production, animation for commercials, to being able to piece what true braind strategy is to launching a business offline and online.

That was the goal. KNOWLEDGE first.

And I stayed well away from fast get rich solutions.

I joined another job within marketing and sales industry. I learnt about people, psychology, devoured books after books and implemented. I saw what works, what doesn’t work, why 97% fail and why the few succeed by doing it, hands on.

Purpose attracted the customers, the people I wanted in my life and on my own terms. Helping them to do the same for their dreams and helping to figure out what that dream is, the obstacles and to piece it by guiding them one step at a time.

To cut the story short…

I figured it out and in doing so, I was able to mentor businesses to do the same.

I have mentoring businesses, helping them piece together their online marketing sales process to attract, build trust and sell. From developing the brand strategy to creating their products, service.

Now, I am 40 years old…

I got the knowledge to help my music but look at how long it took and I haven’t even mentioned all the challenges I had to face. From leaving cities, country, friends, relatives, relationships, losing home twice, homeless, debt and rising right back up.

I’m still busy coaching, mentoring businesses around world while generating cash flow for the big day to record the albums, the professional music videos, the marketing system that hooks to every reputable distribution channel.

Purpose…gives you the staying power.

Not marketing techniques. Purpose!

So here’s a question…

What gets you up in the morning to make something different in the world you live in?

That’s when your content will start to have charisma…naturally.

The best part is you won’t need a swipe file. You won’t need some “secret” illusive technique that doesn’t really tell you what the secret is…

You won’t need to find that “mindset.”. You won’t need another 100 techniques to learn to become magnetic. You won’t need some motivational speech to write more content.

Instead, you have a wide range of general knowledge to write from your gut and it connects with your targeted customers. You got what 97% will never have.

Life experiences and stories of failures, victories, those moments that gets the customer to think.

“Yeah, I want to be part of what you do. This is the real deal right here!”

Purpose. The first component in marketing and sales is…you.

Creating content doesn’t start with techniques, tricks, tactics, and systems. It doesn’t start with a domain name. It doesn’t start with a WordPress website.

It starts with you…

“Identify who your targeted customer is and write directly to them.”

I didn’t do that, though.

Because the most important part to focus on is – you That’s what you have to bring to the table first – you.

Now, I ask you again…

Do you know what out of life?
What are your aims and ambitions?
What are your values? (the stuff that is most important to you)
What are your goals in life?
When you get this right, then your content will have what most business owners struggle with…

Here's How to Quickly Fix Your Website So It Brings You Consistent Revenue…

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