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10 Secrets To Creating A Magnetic First Impression

10 Secrets To Creating A Magnetic First Impression

Your website has a purpose. It’s Your Inner Game.

Yes, it’s about generating sales. However, bear in mind people already feels uncomfortable in certain parts of their lives. Most people live in environments that are not personal.

The environment they are in lacks warmth. Most of all the communication can be hostile and heartless.

So where do you need to start…?

First impressions count.

What you look like in clothes, shoes and socks impacts how others perceive you. Under 4 seconds the person has already decided to hook up with you or to avoid you like the plague.

Just by the way you dress people will feel comfortable or they won’t trust you. They’ll want to get to know you or pretend they like you, and never call you back.

Hey, I’ve tried it. I’ve tested this out. Just read the 8 psychological triggers to influence the customer to buy. People do judge others by their appearance.

Appearance matters.

Please save the old age wisdom that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That’s for guys who are stuck in the friend zone.

Appearance can work its charm for you. It can be a huge contribution to the game changer.

Take your website and dress it up. Take it up a notch or two and people will take notice. However, appearances isn’t just about the look.

Yes, that’s the first thing people see but you can’t just rely on appearances. You need to build a rapport, build trust, communicate and generate the sales.

That’s why I’ve created a checklist which I’ve called the 10 Secrets To Create A Magnetic First Impression…

1. What Does It All Mean?

Purpose gives you direction. It also prevents you from bouncing from one idea to another.  It gives you meaning to your life.

When you have a purpose then you have a crystal clear vision of where you want to be.

A person who knows who they are and where they are going is hot, sexy and in demand. Purpose helps you with creating a cutting-edge brand strategy and a marketing strategy.

It makes it a lot easier because you know where you’re going – and why. People love to follow someone who knows where they are going and willing to say no to mediocrity!

3. Dress Your Website For Success.

How you dress your website determines if people will trust you. Don’t take short cuts with layout design of the website.

Invest in quality of images because these play a part in the customer’s perception. You can tell when a business has invested time, money and professional expertise to design and build their website.

You can tell when a business is here to stay. The goal is to make the prospect feel comfortable. Let them know you mean business just by the look of your website.

Let them feel they are in the right place. It shows you’ve gone beyond just having a blog and website. You have put more time, effort to make customers feel comfortable.

Buy a domain name. Host your website by choosing a professional hosting provider.

Hire a professional to design your brand strategy, identity, and your professional online sales process.

4. Are you in tune with customers interests?

Discover what the targeted customer’s needs are and their interest. People are interested in themselves.

Research; ask questions, visit forums, facebook and other places where they mingle, talking and share.

Observe their conversations and see what topics they are interested in. People love to talk about what they love and you will see this happening all the time.

Remember, the hero is the customer. Use what they are interested in within your content.

Sure, you can weave your own experience in the story but don’t miss the whole point with marketing. It’s about the customer.

5. Do Other People Know Who You Are?

Which social media sites do your audience visit? Find out and observe the busiest and established community forums. The customers there will know the leaders of the forum.

  • Do these leaders know you?
  • Do they talk about your work and leadership in their email newsletters?

Well, it’s time they did by becoming a valuable contributor. Develop a partnership with the founders and leaders of the forum.

Be consistent with your participation. Don’t spread your wings too far. Choose just one established busy forum.

6. Are you sharing a part of you?

I’m not saying to write content that’s all about you. Instead, does your website ooze with your creative talent?

  • Are you leading with your own products, ebooks, training, and webinars?
  • Are you leading with your own email newsletters that bounce off the page with your own experiences?

Become a leader in your industry and share content from your ”own” perspective. Live a little. Make mistakes. Fail in your journey of learning new things to share wonders to your subscribers.

You can still focus on their needs while still using your talent, skill, experience, words, sketches, photographs, videos and your wide general knowledge.

7. What’s Your A Brand Identity?

  • Are you a rebel or a ruler type? Are you a jester or a giver? Are you the ruler?
  • Are you an educator that help customers to know about the world they live in?
  • Are you a wizard type that’s all about making dreams come true? Are you an explorer?

Have you determined what your brand identity is? You need to unleash your brand personality.

This will set you apart from the rest.It will give you the cutting edge of personal branding.

It will help you stand out from so many who are afraid to let their personality shine through.

Just make sure to be in a business that suits your personality. Investors feel uncomfortable to invest in someone who is always acting like a joker.

I’m not saying pretend to be someone else. I’m saying; be you. If you’re shy then be shy. If you’re bold then be bold.If you’re a hot shot aggressive mentor then be that person.

Be yourself. It will give your website, strategy, products, and content a personality. It will bring it to life. 

It will make you jump up in the morning because you got a lot to say to the world and you’re going to express it in your quirky way.

Being different is awesome. Weird is cool. If that is you, awesome! If you’re a timid type, awesome. If you’re a split personality type, amazing! Just be you. Who else can be better at being you?

No one but you.

8. Are you consistent?

When you know what your personality is, then stick with it. Don’t be afraid because someone doesn’t like you. When you know what your purpose is and what your business is going to be, then stick with it.

When you have a plan, stick with it. Be true to your cause and purpose. Claim your calling. You will attract people who click with you automatically and push to the side other people who don’t click with you.

That’s okay. You can’t please everyone. Are you consistent with adding content or are you a hobbyist who does it once in a while?

Be consistent with all you do and who you are. It shows you’re reliable. People will keep coming back to your website. It shows you are committed to the business and your website.

9. Identify The Customers Common Enemy

The common enemy can bring communities together. It has to be an enemy that is familiar to the customer.

There are certain rules to not break when applying the common enemy to your copywriting.

10. Can you tell a story of someone like them?

People like well-written stories but the ones that get people engaged are stories that relate to them. They shouldn’t be sympathizing with the hero in the story but instead, they are getting engaged.

The way to do that is making sure the hero is the customer. Write about their world, their needs, weakness, and flaws. Write about their challenges and how the problem they face is ruining their lives.

Here are 6 More Secrets…

11. Do you give more than you promised?

Most businesses think that giving more is adding bonuses and more products. Yes give bonuses but there’s also this following angle.

  • Does your product or service have support?
  • Does it have a forum?
  • Is your blog filled with content to help the customers?

I’m talking about adding something that really helps the customer to achieve the results they desire.

Your product might be software and if so, create manuals or step by step video tutorials for free to help the customer have an enjoyable experience. Under promise but over deliver.

Find out from the customers what over delivering means to them. Find out what will really help the customer to be productive with the product or service you’re selling.

12. Are You Making Unusual Claims?

Curiosity! It works all the time when done right. You grab customers attention with unusual claims

For example…
“Chess Master Beat 10 Inmates Blindfolded”

But there is another step to making powerful claims.

13. Back Up Your Claims

Making powerful claims is not enough. You must be able to back it up. Who do you think potential customers will have more belief in? You saying it works, or the customer?

There is a way to creating customer testimonials that work to attract and generate sales.

Find out from the 8 Psychological Triggers which has a step by step action plan and the 6 questions to ask customers.

14. Do you use the power of repetition?

Tell the customer what you’re going to tell them, tell them and tell them what you told them.

Then tell them some more. Marketing is about renting a room, a space in the mind of the targeted customer.

It’s about ensuring the customer remember you when the time comes to buy. What is memorable about your products or service?

What is this dramatic difference between you and the competition? Do they remember what’s unique about your products?

The customers may not buy from you or hire you today but they will tomorrow or a week later, maybe a month later or a year – if they remember you.

Repetition – find out what is memorable and different about your products and repeat it again and again.

15. Repetition – The Value Of Frequency

Prospects won’t pay close attention to the value you off than you. You may have spent two years to get this product done right.

You might have had late nights tweaking the service to be what it is today. However, the prospect will skim and will not analyze your hard work. If you’re lucky they’ll remember 2% of what they read.

Then you got the added environmental factor of clients being bombarded with tons of information every second, hour and every waking day of their life.

They are being distracted with social media, google advertisements, pop-up forms, video sharing sites and a host of other stuff online.

That’s why successful advertisers appreciate the value of frequency. They run the advertising again and again because to get their message through.

There are other reasons:

  • The prospect is not familiar with you…yet.
  • The timing of your offer might be bad timing.
  • They don’t trust you….yet.
  • The prospect is very cautious
  • Other factors can happen.

You won’t present your marketing one time when it’s a TV commercial especially when you have spent thousands. You’d have the message repeat on certain high prime time.

That’s the same with your online marketing message.

16. Does the customer see themselves using the product

When Calvin Klein launched their controversial commercial their Jeans sold in the millions. The young teen girls saw something in these commercials.

The girls wanted to be like these female models. They felt that if they buy these Jeans then it can make them be like these models. They saw themselves using the product.

The more the Newspapers wrote about how bad the commercial was – the more 14-year-old teenagers bought the Calvin Klein Jeans. Calvin Klein used the Self-Referencing techniques.

The customer will remember in greater detail about the content if they see themselves using your products and services.

17. Do You Have Credibility?

This by far is the one that most business owners miss out on. They are online and don’t use the offline Public Relation tool. You need to show your competent with your skill, expertise, and knowledge.

The characteristic you need to reveal are:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Character
  • Safety
  • Goodwill
  • Personal Integrity
  • Expertise

Create a story that interests the journalist for offline newspapers. Find out who local and regional newspapers and magazines are.

Then create a story by doing something great in the community which goes with your talent, expertise, business, product or service.

Public Relation is free. The story needs to how you are doing something positive in the community and it reveals that you are:

  • Experienced
  • Trained
  • Qualified
  • Skilled
  • Intelligent

Nothing persuades people more than credibility but it has to be from the words of someone else.

People read newspapers. People trust what other media say than what you say. Use these mediums to your advantage. Build your credibility.

Have other experts online talk about you experience, skills, personality, character, products and services.

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