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#1 Reason Why I Almost Gave Up With Online Selling Until I Discovered This…

#1 Reason Why I Almost Gave Up With Online Selling Until I Discovered This…

Here's How to Quickly Fix Your Website So It Brings You Consistent Revenue…

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#1 Reason Why I Almost Gave Up With Online Selling Until I Discovered This…

Imagine, you’re in a foreign country and you haven’t taken the time to learn the language.

You ask for directions but people don’t have a clue what you’re saying. You wave your hands in the air frantically but the people just shrug their shoulders and walk away.

You have a slow frustrating day ahead of you. You wishing you took the time to learn the language of the country. It would have been easier and you’d be at the hotel in no time.

It took you 2 hours to finally arrive at the hotel.

Here’s the kicker…

The place you were trying to get to was only 5 minutes away. There were massive signposts pointing you to the hotel. You just didn’t know the language.

That’s all you were missing…

1. Customers Language is Emotional

You haven’t got 2 hours.

You have 3- 4 seconds to grab the interest of the prospect and increase their desire to keep reading. You have to keep on increasing their emotions to then take action.

Do you know why customers
buy (and why they don’t)

It is the same reason why the same guys are always sitting on the bench. They are the last ones to be chosen for the game or no one even wants them in their team.

It’s why girls hook up with the
attractive guys… “and most of them can be jerks”

It’s why students borrow money from banks to pay $9,000 and more to study at prestigious universities and end up in thousands of dollars of debt.

It’s the same reason why the nice guy finishes last and always ends up being in the friend zone – while the other guys have no problem attracting hot sexy women.

It took me a while to figure it out. Knowing what it is was tough enough but knowing how to apply it was a different story. However, what you need to know is this…

Customers don’t care about your
Plugins or Widgets. They care about themselves

It sounds absurd but no matter how hard you try to reason this with logic you’ll end up broke. Almost every home business owner who fails starts their website with logic.

Logic is when the customer explains to his/her friends why they bought the software, widget, system, ebook or course. Customer’s buy with emotion and reason but with logic later.

“I was thinking like a web developer with a marketing message that was about functions and features.”

That’s the first reason why paid subscriptions weren’t happening. I didn’t market in the language of the customer’s brain. Their brain thought, “So What?!”

If you are in the place I was in, then your marketing message might result in the prospect thinking:

  • This isn’t going to show me how to attract women.
  • This isn’t going to help me get my ex back.
  • This isn’t going to help me become popular.
  • It’s not going to help me impress clients.
  • It’s not going to help me lose weight faster to get the man of my dreams.

The Key – Needs And Desires Of The Customer

The #1 concern for the brain is to protect the owner. It is always looking, hunting and scanning for problems. It’s about survival. It’s about winning.

It’s also about detecting a threat and avoiding pain.

If your marketing message is not leading with a problem and kicks off with desire then – the prospect’s brain will see your message as unworthy to continue reading.

Justify The Purchase With Logic

The story increases their emotions with desire. Desire drives the sales letter not the problem.

The problem grabs their interest but now is the time to reveal the outcome if they purchase. After, I added a touch of logic to the equation.

I revealed their objections and handled them one by one. The customer will have concerns so why hide them? Instead reveal them or the brain will assume something else…

Why Will Customers Buy?

I had to learn the hard way. You don’t need to. My advice is find out exactly what the emotional language of the prospect is. Take time to do your market research.

To understand the difference between desire and problem.

First, take a look at the reasons customers will buy. You can see there is desire (an emotional goal):

  • Popularity – to be liked by friends, family, significant others
  • Security – in home, old age, financial independence,
  • Prestige – feeling important. Being part of an elite group
  • Better appearance – Attracts women/men
  • Envy – acquiring something other people desire
  • Social –Moving up in society, keeping up with with the Jones’
  • You’re the ONLY one who can do it
  • Credibility – Can you deliver?

Here’s What  Customers Do Want To Avoid.

  • Criticism from other people
  • Embarrassment
  • Rejection
  • Humiliation
  • Loss of reputation
  • Dominated by others
  • Offense to others
  • Taking Risk
  • Doing the Work
  • Effort
  • Pain
  • Discomfort
  • The unknown
  • Doubt

Here's How to Quickly Fix Your Website So It Brings You Consistent Revenue…

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