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1. Purpose. Your Inner Game

1. Purpose. Your Inner Game

Here's How to Quickly Fix Your Website So It Brings You Consistent Revenue…

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The 7 Personal Branding Steps To Writing Seductive Web Copy


Short Version
Purpose helps you focus your efforts, time, energy, resources, talent in making your life meaningful. What you focus on determines the action you take. When you haven’t a purpose that’s bigger than your problems then fear determines your actions.

The greatest gift you can give to the world is not your content. It is the real you when you create your content. It is the meaning behind what you write and do. The brain of people loves familiarity and purpose are consistent. Unwavering. Familiar.

Imagine, you’re standing in the middle of the field. You have a bow and arrow. I said to you to fire. You stand there for a while wondering what to aim at.

Even if you just aim anywhere, there isn’t any satisfaction. It’s meaningless.
So you turn to me and ask, “What do I aim at?”

This time, I put up lots of targets right ahead of you and I say, “If you hit all this target, one at a time – you get whatever you want in life. Just keep your eye on the prize. Hit it…”

I even show you what it is you desire the most.

You can see your purpose way back and you got some way to go to get there but because you can see where you’re going – it doesn’t matter.

You hit the first one. You hit the second one. You hit the third one. You got 10 more to go and just when you are about to try and hit the fourth one…life throws a curve ball at you.

Your partner has left you. You lose your job. You lose your house.

But because you got a purpose and you have crystal clear of what you will achieve if you hit all these targets – you get back up and keep going.

You don’t quit.

When you meet people, talk to people, write content then you’re not worried on how to please the person. You share what you feel. You are expressing your purpose. You value what you have to offer and you know it’s will attract some and will push others way.

That’s fine.

That’s what you want.

You want to attract customers who have a problem you solve and customers who will commit. Customers who won’t give you a headache but understand your values and terms by the way you do business online.

Here’s a true story for you

I’ve always loved music. Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved anything creative but most of all, my head was always full of melodies, stories for songs. I decided as a kid that that’s what I’m going to become.

A singer, songwriter who creates his own songs.

As I grew older, everyone around me said to be realistic. Everyone, even the teachers, the friends, the relatives, the world around me told me what I cannot achieve instead of what I can.

But because my purpose was crystal clear, I didn’t listen.

Even when I grew up to adulthood and failed so many times because I didn’t even know about the world of marketing and sales. Every time I tried, I missed the target.

I knew, later on, that it was due to my ignorance about something but I didn’t know what. So my childhood personality, that thing in me to break things down and fit it together to see how things worked stepped up.

I didn’t have the money, the knowledge, the resources, the know how but I did have a purpose. Purpose propelled me to use what I have instead of what I didn’t have.

I went for the sales job, not for the money. I went to figure out how sales work. Hammering the phone for hours every day, 6 days a week, 9am-6pm and sometimes staying longer to do international calls.

I sucked at the beginning. You always do in the beginning.

It was disheartening. It really hurt when things didn’t work out and I didn’t know why but I kept on telling myself..

“It’s about the purpose. All this is about piecing each step of marketing and sales together. It’s about knowledge. Screw what other people think. Keep going..”

I went from one job to another. One business to another to understand marketing and sales. IO didn’t care about failing but to learn, to figure it out, to put the pieces together and knew this journey would take me years to do.

I opened a pizza business. I failed there but I knew why. I began to understand what was going wrong but I wasn’t there yet. I opened another business and another and again it worked for a while but something was missing.

Then I created my own magazine, it succeeded by learning from the lessons of the Pizza business but I still didn’t piece all the marketing and sales puzzle together. I sold the magazine after it grew and was distributing into four cities.

I tried every prospecting technique; see what is working and what isn’t. I’ve gone online for years building, testing like to see what works. It wasn’t about profit but about piecing the structure needed to develop a true online marketing system for the music.

Every time I dived in and left to move to learn the next stages in a different industry – people who knew me thought I had failed. However, I was succeeding in gathering the knowledge, the insight, the experience, the skills and most of all the missing pieces together for my music.

My mind was so full of practical knowledge, from creating websites, magazines, novels, books, high class video production, animation for commercials, to being able to piece what true braind strategy is to launching a business offline and online.

That was the goal. KNOWLEDGE first.

And I stayed well away from fast get rich solutions.

I joined another job within marketing and sales industry. I learnt about people, psychology, devoured books after books and implemented. I saw what works, what doesn’t work, why 97% fail and why the few succeed by doing it, hands on.

Purpose attracted the customers, the people I wanted in my life and on my own terms. Helping them to do the same for their dreams and helping to figure out what that dream is, the obstacles and to piece it by guiding them one step at a time.

To cut the story short…

I figured it out and in doing so, I was able to mentor businesses to do the same.

I have mentoring businesses, helping them piece together their online marketing sales process to attract, build trust and sell. From developing the brand strategy to creating their products, service.

Now, I am 40 years old…

I got the knowledge to help my music but look at how long it took and I haven’t even mentioned all the challenges I had to face. From leaving cities, country, friends, relatives, relationships, losing home twice, homeless, debt and rising right back up.

I’m still busy coaching, mentoring businesses around world while generating cash flow for the big day to record the albums, the professional music videos, the marketing system that hooks to every reputable distribution channel.

Purpose…gives you the staying power.

Not marketing techniques. Purpose!

So here’s a question…

What gets you up in the morning to make something different in the world you live in?

That’s when your content will start to have charisma…naturally.

The best part is you won’t need a swipe file. You won’t need some “secret” illusive technique that doesn’t really tell you what the secret is…

You won’t need to find that “mindset.”. You won’t need another 100 techniques to learn to become magnetic. You won’t need some motivational speech to write more content.

Instead, you have a wide range of general knowledge to write from your gut and it connects with your targeted customers. You got what 97% will never have.

Life experiences and stories of failures, victories, those moments that gets the customer to think.

“Yeah, I want to be part of what you do. This is the real deal right here!”

Purpose. The first component in marketing and sales is…you.

Creating content doesn’t start with techniques, tricks, tactics, and systems. It doesn’t start with a domain name. It doesn’t start with a WordPress website.

It starts with you…

“Identify who your targeted customer is and write directly to them.”

I didn’t do that, though.

Because the most important part to focus on is – you That’s what you have to bring to the table first – you.

Now, I ask you again…

Do you know what out of life?
What are your aims and ambitions?
What are your values? (the stuff that is most important to you)
What are your goals in life?
When you get this right, then your content will have what most business owners struggle with…

Here's How to Quickly Fix Your Website So It Brings You Consistent Revenue…

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