Are you an entrepreneur who is still wasting
time trying to tweak your own WordPress website?

As a business owner, you have a million things to do that don’t include fidgeting with HTML code or trying to get rid of pesky sidebars on a page of your site.

You’re not a techie, but having an online business means that you’re trying to be one.

Are any of the following true for you?

  • You’re wasting time tinkering around when you want to change the look and feel of your website.
  • You avoid making changes to your WordPress site unless absolutely necessary because you’re terrified of making a horrible, irreversible mistake.
  • You know your site isn’t protected and you worry about getting hacked.
  • Every time you tried to hire a website developer they haven’t been responsive to your needs and leave you waiting forever.
  • You want to add a membership site or eCommerce to your website, but you have no idea how to get started.

You’ve tried to do everything yourself in your business until now. You’ve reached the point where you need help from someone you can trust to do the job right when you run up against pressing WordPress issues.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a WordPress pro
on demand to make website updates for you?

When you realize that you have a specific update that you want to make to your website, imagine being able to hand it off to someone else instead of wasting hours of your time doing it yourself. You could…

  • Hand over the heavy lifting of website maintenance and WordPress problems to a professional you depend on so that you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Maintain the look of your brand by easily updating the look of your themes, fixing code to make mobile responsiveness react the way you want it to, and make everything appear just as you’d envisioned.
  • No longer feel the pressure to do it all yourself with reliable WordPress professionals on call when you need them.
  • Professional, streamlined, and simple help with your WordPress site with zero stress.

me Hey there, I’m Wayne Hatter, the creator of WordPress OMG.

I have over 15 years of experience building websites and 9 of those years have been building them with WordPress. When I first started using WordPress over 9 years ago, I remember how frustrating it could be.

I would stay up for days on end, testing, tweaking, learning, just trying to get WordPress to do what I wanted it to do. There were times that I would even forget to eat — I was so enthralled with solving a problem. I’ve mastered the inner working of WordPress and can make it do anything and everything you need.

I’ve built every type of WordPress website you can imagine, from the simple photography website to turning a website into a secure patient portal for a local medical records company.

I’ve also conducted many on-site WordPress training classes and also a consultant to the Haines City, Florida IT department (support desk).

Just like Superman, I’m the guy that companies call in when they can’t figure out a WordPress problem and I fly in to save the day. I’ve put in over 100,000 hours of WordPress development. I know what I’m doing and I know how to help you solve your most pressing WordPress problems.

Konstantinos KaloulisIn my 7 years in business, I have not met many individuals as dedicated and determined to complete a job to its excellency as much as Wayne. Wayne will NOT stop until the job gets done. He is the terminator that has been sent by god to eliminate and destroy website issues 🙂 Having talent is not the only important thing in business. In my opinion, working with individuals you can trust and count on are even more important. Wayne combines all three of those traits.

~ Konstantinos Kaloulis 

With WordPress OMG, you purchase blocks of time.

WordPress OMG takes care of all your WordPress headaches and pains so you can focus on growing your business while leaving the heavy lifting to us.

You purchase blocks of time to get your most pressing WordPress problems solved by experts who offer you the support and efficiency to get your business rolling in no time flat.

With this block of time, you can direct our team to do any task you need help with, solve any problem you’re struggling with, and polish up your WordPress site so that it’s functioning better than ever.

Here’s a complete list of the things we can do for you
when you purchase a WordPress OMG block:

Updating WordPress doesn’t always go as smoothly as you want and things can break. We use a fail-safe system to ensure that your website will stay online with any WordPress update.

Moving from one hosting company to another is a big job and requires a lot of attention to detail. Get this wrong and your website can be down for hours and even days. We ensure that your site is backed up on all levels to ensure a safe and seamless site transfer.

Customize your website with added functionality, styles changed, colors tweaked and more. We can add almost any functionality or style that you desire.

We ensure that your website is secure on the highest level to help counter attack any hackers that come knocking on your front door.

Hacking does happen, and it’s terrible when it does. We have a process that helps you get your website back online and clears all infected files that caused the problem.

Membership sites are a great way to produce recurring income for your business. We can help with the setup and implementation of any membership software you use.

We help with the setup, configuration, and customization of your eCommerce solution to sell your products and services seamlessly online.

We help you with setting up your email list program so it doesn’t feel so daunting.

We help with the implementation of securing backups of your website in the case you ever need to revert back to a previous version. It’s one of the most essential things you’ll need to do for your business.

We provide the perfect solution for you to test any new WordPress theme out without it affecting your live site AT ALL!

Request a live Work Session in which you can watch us solve your WordPress issues live. Our customers LOVE to get this behind-the-scenes access to their work being done live.

Amanda-Golden-150x150Wayne helped me fix problems on my website that I couldn’t. He was easy to work with and very responsive to all of my needs and questions.

I would absolutely recommend Wayne and OMG WordPress FIX service. What seemed impossible to me to fix, Wayne made sure to fix it so I could keep doing business without worrying about my website.

If anyone has any problems with their WordPress site, use Wayne! He will make all your problems go away!

~ Amanda Golden Blevins

How does WordPress OMG work?


You submit a ticket for whatever work that needs to be done detailing out what’s going on. This is when you’d indicate whether or not the task is an emergency and needs to get completed ASAP.

Please note: It is better to be as through as possible, explaining the tasks you want done. As this will save you time on your block.


When you submit a ticket with your tasks, the turnaround time for completion usually takes from 6 – 24 hours. It could take longer though. When you let me know that a task is time sensitive, I will do my best to fulfill your pressing needs as soon as possible (and there is never an extra charge for emergency tasks). 

Please note: WordPress OMG is closed on the weekends.

After you submit a ticket for work that needs to be done, I will quote you on how long the task will take. For instance, if you submit a ticket wanting to have your WordPress website updated, I will reply to that ticket and let you know it will take about 15 minutes. However, if you have a WordPress site that hasn’t been updated in 7 years (oh believe me, it happens), then I may come back and tell you that it will take 45 – 1 hour. We tailor each time estimate to your specific needs. I will be clear and upfront with you on the time it will take so you’ll always be informed of the hours you have remaining in your block of time. It’s rare that I need to come back to you and increase the time I quoted.


I’ll complete the tasks in the quoted time frame that I sent you in Step 2. I can either go in and get the task done while you work on other things. Or you can watch me work on your WordPress website through screen sharing during a Live Work Session. I love this method because you can actually see what’s going on and you gain a much better understanding of the WordPress system and gain knowledge in the process.

There are 4 ways you can hire WordPress OMG:

Depending on your business’ needs, you can pick a time block that works for you. Time blocks expire after 6 months, so you have lots of time to squeeze every ounce out of WordPress OMG.


5-Hour Block



10-Hour Block


or 3 monthly payments of $250


15-Hour Block


or 3 monthly payments of $375


20-Hour Block


or 3 monthly payments of $400

WordPress OMG is best if you have been in business for at least 3 years.

WordPress OMG is for the established entrepreneur who is serious about taking full advantage leveraging their time and energy in their business so that they can focus on increasing their bottom line.

No more do you have to waste your precious and valuable time fighting with WordPress and losing out on sales.

No more will you have to be frustrated with WordPress trying to do things that you have no clue about.

No more will you have to lose focus on your business and the activities that help make you sales.

As long as your website is on WordPress, we can help you.

Here are some examples of industries that our clients work in:

  • Marketing Agencies
  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Coaches
  • Copywriters
  • Spiritual Healers
  • Other entrepreneurs with 3+ years in business*

*We have found that those just starting their businesses don’t really know what they want yet and have not established their business brand. Our work pairs best with those who know exactly what they want and how they want it to look.

Can’t I just figure out WordPress on my own?

Of course! The question is: How much of your time are you willing to spend tinkering with your WordPress site and is it worthwhile for your business?

At a certain point in every entrepreneur’s journey, it becomes vital to outsource technical tasks to someone who specializes in these things so that you can focus on what you do best.

For example, if you charge $100 an hour for your time and it takes you 2 hours to update your website, whereas it takes us 20 minutes to complete the same job, it’s obvious that you’re losing money trying to do it all yourself.

With our live WordPress Sessions, you can see what we’re doing while we’re doing it so that you can learn about your website while you’re getting things taken care of by a professional.

Your happiness is my happiness.

It is my commitment to ensure that you receive the best service possible and in a timely matter too. Because I’m so committed to your happiness and stand behind the quality of my services, I offer a refund policy to make sure you’re satisfied.

If you decide that you do not want to use our service after you’ve purchased your block of time, just let me know and I’ll happily refund you your money in its entirety. This also applies to any time that has not been used if you’ve used some of your block of time. The time left over will be refunded to you in full, no problem!

Our Clients Are Raving About WordPress OMG

amber-ludwig61I connected with Wayne though a colleague when I was in a bind for WordPress support and my team was at capacity work-wise. He was extremely prompt to respond then, and still is when I need help.

We had a great call where we got to know each other and I felt a wave of confidence in his services based on his lengthy experience with WordPress. I was relieved to find such great support!

Since, I’ve contacted Wayne many times to support our clients and he has quickly become another respected and appreciated go-to support team member for my company NGNG Enterprises (standing for NoGutsNoGlory).

I will continue to hire Wayne for our WordPress website (and other) needs. Just don’t steal him from me!

~ Amber Vilhauer

Scott MurrayEven though we are all in business to make money, Wayne’s clients obviously come first. Added bonus – he really knows his stuff!

I would highly recommend Wayne and will be using him again when I have WordPress issues I can’t resolve.

I am truly grateful for finding Wayne and look forward to using his services again. It means that I can retain the clients who request WordPress services that are beyond my current capacity and I can get on and do the work I specialise in.

~ Scott Murray

Robin PisciottaWayne ROCKS! I’m looking forward to having him as my ‘go-to guy’ for us and all of our clients going forward.

My website load speed got cut more than in half… means I’m a happy camper. And my backend dashboard is no longer a pain in the butt… taking forever to do a task. I can get a lot more done, in less time, and with WAY LESS stress.

I loved the friendliness… the confidence… the fast response time… and MOST OF ALL… I loved the fact that I was ‘quoted’ on what EXACTLY you’d accomplish (rather than ‘your time’) and given a guarantee that those things would be done.

~ Robin Pisciotta

Sohail-KhanI found Wayne in a private Facebook group. And I’m so glad I did. Wayne has provided an amazing service and is an amazing expert with WordPress.

I really like his Attention To Detail and Service Delivery. I also appreciate Wayne’s Honesty, Integrity, and Values.

Keep Doing What YOU Do!

~ Sohail Khan

Caitlin HellerOkay… really… Wayne is the real deal when it comes to WordPress.

Wayne is my super hero!! It doesn’t matter what type of dilemma I present him with, he has never failed to solve it.

My website issues are already on their way to being fixed in under an hour… I will have a running website tomorrow! Great person to work with!! Thanks again Wayne!!

If anyone needs WordPress work done by a true professional who knows what he is doing (or just wants to ask a few questions about their site going wonky) I HIGHLY recommend Wayne. This is coming from someone who breaks their site a lot so I’ve used a lot of those “fix it places”. He runs a great service and is really a kind soul!!

~ Caitlin Heller

Sinem IbrahimPure joy and pleasure of working with Wayne, he understood what I wanted and delivered it to me, exactly how I wanted. The results are amazing!

That Wayne was able to explain to me in lay terms what need to be done – no tech jargon.

Wayne delivers a very high level of communication. Great service, communication and the end results what you expected, what more can you ask for?

~ Sinem Ibrahim

Abby Barboza GoffredoAbby Barboza GoffredoI was recommended to Wayne by Mike & Robin Pisciotta and I probably wouldn’t have used his service due to lack of funds in my budget.

However, I found that the service was very cost effective, Fast and thorough.

The three benefits I experienced from using Wayne’s OMG WordPress FIX service was personable, fast and reliable service.

I will definetly use Wayne again for my WordPress issues. Before I was using somebody else, who happens to e a friend and I have been waiting almost a month. Wayne received my information and within 24 hours the problem was solved.

Thank you so much

~ Abby Barboza Goffredo

Jeanne-TreloarI had Issues with my WordPress site missing a side bar. I got in touch with Wayne and he was able to gain access to my site.

While I was on the phone he took care of it. Quick response and easy to talk to. What I liked about Wayne Hatter is that he’s very knowledgeable. His staff are friendly and the speed the work was done. Wonderful experience.

~ Jeanne Treloar

krishna-everson-300x273I’ve been working with WordPress for a number of years and absolutely love it! But, when it comes to the technical side of WordPress, something I avoid.

Wayne Hatter is my super hero!! It doesn’t matter what type of dilemma I present him with, he has never failed to solve it.

He always delivers in a timely manner. He is my right hand man!

I am so thankful for his passion for WordPress and all things technical that go along with it, and that he speaks without tech jargon. Wayne Hatter and OMG WordPress FIX is everything he says, and more!

~ Krishna Everson

mandi-hill-ellefson-150x150Wayne gave me the direction I needed to make the correct decisions about my membership program. He helped me select the right software for my circumstance.

Wayne saved me countless hours by showing me a shortcut to a get what I needed done with what I already had.

Thanks a lot!

~ Mandi Hill Ellefson

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10-Hour Block


or 3 monthly payments of $250


15-Hour Block


or 3 monthly payments of $375


20-Hour Block


or 3 monthly payments of $400

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