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And Without Stress

Keep it Smooth & Easy To Spend More Time Attracting Clients

"I was relieved to find such great support!"

I connected with Wayne though a colleague when I was in a bind for WordPress support and my team was at capacity work-wise. He was extremely prompt to respond then, and still is when I need help.

We had a great call where we got to know each other and I felt a wave of confidence in his services based on his lengthy experience with WordPress. I was relieved to find such great support!

Since I’ve contacted Wayne many times to support our clients and he has quickly become another respected and appreciated go-to support team member for my company NGNG Enterprises (standing for NoGutsNoGlory).

~ Amber Vilhauer

"Within hours my site was up..."

We know from experience that dealing with
WordPress issues can be stressful.

In fact, I could tell you some teeth grinding stories we have heard from our clients.

Like the trauma one particular client recently went through with her WordPress site.  

We won’t waste your time with all the details, but suffice to say She was losing thousands of dollars a month because she couldn’t fix the techie issues she was having with her WordPress website. As time went on, her profits were literally disappearing. Right before her eyes.

By now, you probably already know how this feels. Maybe you are going through something similar? No one likes to lose money. I guarantee. 

The fact is, time is money, and losing either over tedious WordPress techie issues can be extremely frustrating. Wouldn’t you agree?

The question to consider asking yourself is what will happen over the next few days, weeks or months if you MAKE A DECISION not to…


Are YOU struggling with any of these right now?

Setting up your Membership Site
Setting up your Sales Pages
Setting up your Landing Pages
Setting up your Optin Forms
Setting up your Online Store
Receiving payments on your Website
Updating your Website
Backing up your Website
Installing Themes and Plugins
Configuring Themes and Plugins
Moving your website to a different Hosting Service
Customizing your WordPress Website

You’re not alone!

There are hundreds of business owners just like you who wish there was an easier way to focus more on their business rather than losing time and money fighting with the WordPress techie stuff.

What if there was a better, easier, more affordable way to solve your WordPress issues?  

Fortunately, for you and the hundreds of other struggling business owners in a situation just like yours.

There is an easier, simpler and faster way.

If you really wanted to you can make all your WordPress problems disappear in an instant!

You can fix that leaking cash faucet right now. 

But how?

We take care of the tech stuff for you.

You’ll be pleased you did!

Discover one of the top secrets behind
any successful online business

As you already know stress can affect you in many different ways. For example, stress can affect your body, your thoughts and feelings, and your actions. So in order for business owners to successfully run their businesses at optimum profitability, they need all the resources at their disposal to help them lighten the load and make some of these ‘bad’ stresses disappear.

And that’s why a service like ours is perfect for you. We take off the burden of WordPress from your shoulders. This means you can sleep more peacefully at night, safe in the knowledge that your WordPress issues are in an expert, safe pair of hands.

Our main goal is to make sure you are SUCCESFUL.

Imagine not being attacked with stress and anxiety when something goes wrong with your WordPress site. You’re not panicked, worried, ready to pull your hair out. Because you know there is finally someone you can trust 100% who will handle all the pesky, techie stuff for you.

You may even want to sign up immediately!

Remember; less stress equals more success!

The Specific Feature That I Loved About Wayne Is The Personal Input He Gave Me And The Follow Up
The specific feature that I loved about Wayne is the personal input he gave me and the follow up to make sure everything was working the way I wanted it to.
~ Mike Deiure
He Is The Terminator That Has Been Sent By God
In my 7 years in business, i have not met many individuals as dedicated and determined to complete a job to its excellency as much as Wayne. He is the terminator that has been sent by god.
~ Konstantinos Kaloulis

As a valued client, here are just a few of the benefits you can expect:

Easier, quicker resolutions for ALL your WordPress issues.
Peace of mind that the job is done right and less stress.
Clever, workable solutions for complex problems.
Logical strategies that are easy to implement.
Solutions for complex problems.
Super friendly service.
And so much more….

Hear what these HAPPY clients have to say

“…WAY LESS stress”

Robin PisciottaWayne ROCKS! I’m looking forward to having him as my ‘go-to guy’ for us and all of our clients going forward.

My website load speed got cut more than in half… means I’m a happy camper. And my backend dashboard is no longer a pain in the butt… taking forever to do a task. I can get a lot more done, in less time, and with WAY LESS stress.

I loved the friendliness… the confidence… the fast response time… and MOST OF ALL… I loved the fact that I was ‘quoted’ on what EXACTLY you’d accomplish (rather than ‘your time’) and given a guarantee that those things would be done.

~ Robin Pisciotta

“Wayne is the WordPress Man…”

patrick-allmond-285x300Wayne is the WordPress Man.

What I found from using OMG WordPress FIX was a new WP consultant to send work to. I also loved the speed in which Wayne delivers results.

Wayne’s cost for his service is very reasonable and I absolutely love the communication while fixing my WordPress issue.

I would recommend Wayn’s OMG WordPress FIX service 100%. Because I think I’ve found a reliable worry-free service. This saves me from doing any WordPress work on my own.

~ Patrick Allmond

“He is the terminator that has been sent by God”

konstantinos-kaloulis-300x300In my 7 years in business, I have not met many individuals as dedicated and determined to complete a job to its excellency as much as Wayne.

Wayne will NOT stop until the job gets done. He is the terminator that has been sent by god to eliminate and destroy web site issues ?

Having talent is not the only important thing in business. In my opinion, working with individuals you can trust and count on are even more important. Wayne combines all three of those traits

~ Konstantinos Kaloulis

“Amazing Service From an Amazing Expert….”

sohail-khan-150x150I found Wayne in a private Facebook group. And I’m so glad I did. Wayne has provided an Amazing Service and is an Amazing Expert with WordPress.

I really like his Attention To Detail and Service DeliveryI also appreciate Wayne’s Honesty, Integrity, and Values.

Keep Doing What YOU Do!

~ Sohail Khan

“It’s Smooth And Easy With Wayne Hatter!”

WordPress Made Simple OMG FIX - Jeanne-TreloarThank you Wayne, I’m so glad I found you! Your skill with WordPress has meant that my site was rolled over to my new domain name without any problems, it was easy and smooth. And thank you also for fixing the glitch with the upper case font, that was so weird.

And I’d been trying for months to figure out why the comments text would only type in capital letters. Wish I’d asked you to sort it for me way back then, it would have saved me loads of stress. Awesome work – you’re now my first port of call for website woes. Cheers,

~ Jeanne Treloar

“Wayne! He will make all your problems go away!”

Amanda-Golden-150x150Wayne helped me fix problems on my website that I couldn’t. He was easy to work with and very responsive to all of my needs and questions.

I would absolutely recommend Wayne and OMG WordPress FIX service- What seemed impossible to me to fix, Wayne made sure to fix it so I could keep doing business without worrying about my website.

If anyone has any problems with their wordpress site, use Wayne! He will make all your problems go away!

~ Amanda Golden Blevins

“The specific feature that I loved about Wayne is the personal input he gave me and the follow up”

WordPress Made Simple OMG FIX - Mike DeiureI met Wayne through the Internet Marketing Super Friends group on Facebook. I didn’t know about OMG WP FIX until I met Wayne and through the value, he provides by answering a question for other members in the group.

Wayne gave me some tips on how to customize WordPress to get it to do the things I wanted it to do for my website. The result was a way to better organize my content and make it much more manageable.
The specific feature that I loved about Wayne is the personal input he gave me and the follow up to make sure everything was working the way I wanted it to.

I would definitely recommend Wayne because he has an in-depth understanding of WordPress and understands how to achieve many customized systems that many people wouldn’t know exists for WordPress. He is very knowledgeable and know’s how to get the job done right.

I’d also like to add that I really appreciate Wayne and his team for helping me out. Because of them, I was able to implement a custom setup for my website that allows me to better manage my content and run my business much more smoothly.

~ Mike Deiure

Let's take a look at just a few of our super helpful
Less Stress WordPress Support services

You’ve now heard from just some of our many happy clients who couldn’t have imagined where their businesses would be without our support. We are very proud of this achievement. But we also want the same for you too!

We know your pain points…

Marketing Funnel Setup and Support
Memberium Membership Sites
Wishlist Member Membership sites
Team Support For Marketing Agencies
Learning Management Systems (e.g. LearnDash)
WordPress Page Builders (e.g. Visual Composer)
“How To” Training Videos
InfusionSoft Page Customization
WordPress Theme Setup
WordPress Theme Customization
WordPress Plugin Customization
WordPress Plugin Setup
Landing Page Setup and Customization
Sales Page Setup and Customization
Website Migrations
Fix WordPress Errors
Website Hack Repair
Malware Removal
Congruent System Processes
Website Backups
Unlimited Email Support
Receiving Online Payments
Online Store Setup (eCommerce)
Community Websites
Online Forum Setup
Custom Theme Development
Website Redirects (e.g. 301 permanent)
Website and Autoresponder Integration
Custom 404 Page Setup


MD. Atiqur Rahman

MD. Atiqur Rahman

Lead Developer

MD is a Ninja with WooCommerce for WordPress. He has been developing professionally for 3 years. But you would never know it due to his veteran approach with projects.

He loves to keep his code neat and clean for better organization. He looks way ahead into the future about the lifetime value of the customer. So he writes code that will increase speed in the completion for any future tasks.

He knows exactly what it takes to achieve the goals of any task. He is also an expert in the Laravel PHP framework!

Natasha Rivera

Natasha Rivera

WordPress Tech / Operations

WordPress websites can be difficult to create, and maintain, especially when you so many other things to deal with.

Tasha loves building and maintaining WordPress websites, from simple ones to membership sites. She is a WordPress Techie Fairy and can handle anything that guy Wayne throws at her.

Tasha is also an expert in integrating most email marketing systems with WordPress websites.

Wayne Hatter

Wayne Hatter

Team Leader

Wayne brings over 14 years of experience in web design and development to the team. His passion is finding solutions for some of the most complex WordPress issues that the average developer can’t fix or takes too long to figure out a solution. With his background as a news director, he understands the importance of prioritizing and orchestrating projects in fluid expose of near perfection. His core passion is finding solutions and producing results to meet the satisfaction of clients.

Are you ready now to put an end to your WordPress stress?