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Struggling With Your WordPress Website? Get Live Help

Too Busy?

When you need to solve your WordPress Problem fast.

How To Install WordPress

You’ve tried installing WordPress but it is not working.

How To Buy a Domain

You’re confused about where to buy a domain and get it registered.

Page Management

Get help adding and removing pages and posts.

Choosing a Theme

When you need help choosing a reliable theme.

Ecommerce Setup

When you need help setting up your online store.

Membership Setup

Get help setting up your membership program.

CRM Guidance

Get help integrating your CRM with your WordPress website.

Plugin Help / Consultation

Get help on choosing and installing the best plugins.

There’s The Slow Way and The Fast Way... Believe Me, Faster Is Better!

“Wayne helped me fix problems on my website that I couldn’t. He was easy to work with and very responsive to all of my needs and questions.

I would absolutely recommend Wayne and his team. What seemed impossible to me to fix. Wayne made sure to fix it so I could keep doing business without worrying about my website.

If anyone has any problems with their WordPress site, use Wayne! He will make all your problems go away!”

~ Amanda Golden Blevins

WordPress Live Help...

Is when you don’t need a full package to customize your WordPress Themes. Plugins, or Website

It’s for asking questions to help you fix WordPress Techie challenges fast.

Who Uses WordPress Live Help?

  1. You want immediate results and solve your WordPress Techie problem tight now.
  2. You’re tired of spinning circles, buying ebooks, trying to figure out how to implement the geeky theory in the practical world of WordPress.
  3. In one hour, your problem needs to be solved, and fast!

How Does It Work?

Like all our WordPress Live Help packages. It’s very simple. Just follow these easy, fast, and simple steps:

  1. Fill in the form on your right (or below if you’re on a mobile phone)
  2. Answer the simple questions and share with us what an urgent WordPress Problem is.
  3. Wayne Hatter will confirm your requests by email and lead you to the WordPress Live Help package to get started.
  4. He’ll follow up and within 4 hours about your WordPress needs and help you solve them.

How do We Manage Your WordPress Project?

The tools we use are friendly and we love using them because they give that extra personal touch to our clients.

You’ll see how we are real people, behind our website and computer screen.

Tools We Use to Manage Your WordPress Project:

Zoom, which is a free tool to download. It’s a free tool to use and helps our clients share their urgent requests in detail.

Full-Screen Desktop Share. This helps tremendously to see your computer screen and your WordPress Blog / Site in real-time.

We will guide you practically and walk you through to solve your WordPress techie problems solved, right there and then.

Your Name(Required)

“Wayne is the WordPress Man.

What I found from using Your WordPress Made Simple was a new WP consultant to send work to. I also loved the speed at which Wayne delivers results.

Wayne’s cost for his service is very reasonable and I absolutely love the communication while fixing my WordPress issue.

I would recommend Wayne’s WordPress support service 100%. Because I think I’ve found a reliable worry-free service. This saves me from doing any WordPress work on my own.”

~ Patrick Allmond

Why The Hourly Rate For WordPress Live Help?

Most of your WordPress practical solutions won’t need days, weeks, or months. They are techie stuff, which we can solve fast and under 30 minutes or one hour.

We walk you through (LIVE), using Skype and Full-Screen Desktop Sharing. We Identify the obstacles and remove the obstacles so you can focus on what matters most in your home business.

In my 7 years in business, I have not met many individuals as dedicated and determined to complete a job to its excellency as much as Wayne.

Wayne will NOT stop until the job gets done. He is the terminator that has been sent by God to eliminate and destroy website issues.

Having talent is not the only important thing in business. In my opinion, working with individuals you can trust and count on are even more important. Wayne combines all three of those traits.

~ Konstantinos Kaloulis

Common WordPress Problems We've Solved

  • Too busy and need us to solve your WordPress Problem fast.
  • How To Install WordPress or you’ve installed and it’s not showing.
  • How To buy a Domain Name.
  • How To configure your URL Permalinks.
  • How To Install WordPress Plugins.
  • How To Navigate Through You WordPress Admin Panel login.
  • How To Remove or Add New Pages.
  • How To add or remove content and videos.
  • How To use the menus or organize your pages.
  • How to add a new page to your navigation bar.
  • How to change the theme color.
  • Knowing what WordPress Theme to use and why.
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