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How valuable is your website?

If you agree: that your website is worth nothing if not used, then you qualify to work with a WordPress Professional who understands that the average business owner just don’t have time OR skills to ‘bring alive’ their online business goals.



When you’re spending your hard earned cash on products or services, you “DEMAND”, and expect the “BEST” results. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have access to such high level, magical, and that dream Experience.

Your WordPress Made Simple is a firm that caters to the needs of their clients. Always going above and beyond, leaving them mystified from the highest level of service and support they crave.

Lavish the opportunity to work with one of the best WordPress Management firms in the 21st century.


Wayne is a very good communicator and very helpful. The service is simple to use and if I have any issues...…

Weaam Hassan

Response time and professionalism...Very happy with his services Wayne has a super quick response time. He fixed our website issue…

Josie Martinez

The flexibility with the hours and that with so much experience, the things I ask for are easily provided without…

Rachel Elise

I gave up trying to learn how to do anything in favor of finding who knows how to do stuff. This…

Dean Jackson

Wayne and his team went the extra mile to help us add a major update to our website. Wayne is…

~ Kyle Ezell

I've worked with numerous web designers and none of the others have spent the time to listen to what I…

~ Necole Stephens

Wayne helped me fix problems on my website that I couldn’t. He was easy to work with and very responsive…

~ Amanda Golden Blevins

Thank you, Wayne, I’m so glad I found you! Your skill with WordPress has meant that my site was rolled…

~ Jeanne Treloar

I found Wayne in a private Facebook group. And I’m so glad I did. Wayne has provided an amazing service…

~ Sohail Khan

Wayne ROCKS! I’m looking forward to having him as my ‘go-to guy’ for us and all of our clients going…

Robin Pisciotta

Wayne is the WordPress Man. What I found from using Your WordPress Made Simple was a new WP consultant to…

Patrick Allmond

In my 7 years in business, I have not met many individuals as dedicated and determined to complete a job…

Konstantinos Kaloulis
The specific feature that I loved about Wayne is the personal input he gave me and the follow up to make sure everything was working the way I wanted it to.…
~ Mike Deiure

Even though we are all in business to make money, Wayne’s clients obviously come first. Added bonus – he really…

~ Scott Murray


Web Development

Over 12 years of web development experience. Keeping up with the latest coding methods for better website performance.

WordPress Customization

Customizing WordPress themes and plugins since 2008. There isn’t a WordPress customization project too big or small to handle.

eCommerce Integration

Helping you get your online store launched, tweaked or fixed. Specialize in integrating third-party eComm solutions so that your business will profit.

Membership Sites

Helping you with the installation, integration, tweaks, and set up for your membership program. Ensuring that you and your customers have the best experience.

CRM Assistance

Keeping you connected with your clients, and prospects. Specialist in integrating your CRM with your website so that you won’t lose communication with your audience.

API Bridging

WordPress, unfortunately, doesn’t have plugins for everything you need. Some web software and services require a bridge in order to communicate. We’ve got you covered.

Website Maintenance

Avoid mishaps, hacks, and your WordPress website… just stop working. Know that your WordPress theme and plugins are up to date and running smooth.

SSL Installation

An SSL is crucial for your website. An SSL ensures that your customers’ private data is secure and invokes peace of mind that they won’t become victims.

Website Audit

Do you want to find out what it is you can do to optimize your website? We examine your website for missed opportunities and help you maximize your real estate.

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